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Trump holds 1st public event since leaving hospital

President Trump declared he has fully recovered from COVID-19.

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    Too bad half the country don't understand about policies.Biden policies: Green new deal will hurt the fracking sector. Higher taxes will hurt businesses, More job cuts. Corporate businesses will move out of the country. Affordable healthcare increases your premium, limits your choice in physicians, increase rates for private companies. DeFunding the police will increase crime and violence. SUPPORT THE COPS. TRUMP 2020!!!

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    😱I don't think the average person is quite getting the reality of what is happening right now… (See More)


    I just wanted to point out to all of you that if you think that we're just going to "bounce back" from this whole lock-down situation in a few months… you are not being realistic.

    Seriously, it's not just going to "bounce back."

    Just waiting for the jobs to come back, etc. is not going to be at all workable.

    1/3rd of small and medium-sized business expect to be permanently out of business at this point.

    Over 50% of households in the USA have lost income completely or significantly.

    This is the biggest hit to the US economy, ever.

    And, the Fed is inventing trillions of dollars out of thin air, destroying the buying power of USD faster than it's ever done before.

    Almost none of the major media are talking about this, but it is obvious to anyone who bothers to consider the economic effects of what's happened here.

    You just haven't seen all the horrific outcomes yet because people are still living on savings, credit cards and mooching off friends and family, and companies have not yet started collecting on past-due accounts.

    We just had the HIGHEST RATE OF MORTGAGE defaults in the history of the USA this past few months.

    Major companies such as Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, etc. are requesting lease renegotiations because they can't afford to pay their rents…

    The point is, it's time to get tough and get to work to make something happen, that doesn't depend on someone giving you a job.

    It's time to become more self-sufficient.

    And, really, I think many of you are simply not facing the reality of what is coming very soon.

    This is not some mild situation that is just "going to be okay." It's not okay. It's a very dangerous situation and it's time to start taking ACTION to do something about it.

    And the fact is, had you really started building 6 months ago or a year ago, it would have been much easier than it will be now.

    That does not change the fact that something needs to be done about it now.

    Many people treat their home business as something to do when they have nothing better to do, instead of treating it like an actual business.

    Please, for your own sake, do not wait until you are at absolute rock-bottom before you decide to do something about it.

    After years of being in business I know, for certain, that most people will have to reach rock-bottom (eviction, water shut-off, divorce, home foreclosure, etc.) before they are willing to make a real decision and take any real action to do something about it.

    You do not have to wait for that.

    You do not have to wait at all.

    It does not have to take a long time to build something.

    And I'm sorry if some of you don't like this message, but some of you who are reading this right now, in three months time, will have done nothing different from what you've been doing and you are going to be in for a world of pain and suffering.

    You cannot eliminate 1/3 of the business in a country and expect that anything is just going to "be okay." 

    The only real security you have is your own ability.

    And 99% of that ability is just showing up.

    You don't have to be experienced to build this online business. You just have to show up and do it, and keep doing it.

    My sincerest intention is for each and every one of you to win.

    But in order to do that, you have to put the ACTION in.

    This situation doesn't have to turn into misery for any of you.

    In fact, there are more people looking for ways to earn from home right now, than there has ever been in the entire history of this planet.

    Your market has never been bigger.

    There are more people interested in their financial stability right now than at any point in the last 102 years.

    You can wait and hope for something outside yourself (JOB) to rescue you.

    Or you can just decide to let my 12 years experience online HELP YOU break free from chains of slavery.

    I hope, for you own benefit, that you choose the latter and message me if you are truly ready for a change.

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    Democrat supporters are encouraging people to vote in comments – Trumpsters are trying to either distract or dissuade voters. Have a think… what does that imply? Confidence? Obviously not. Lol

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    hey idiots, YOUR BIAS IS SHOWING, as is your UN-professionalism.

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    No more sleepy Joe.

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    who to vote for? Informed decision

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    Hope they disinfect/burn the mic after

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    CDC's Redfield stated that a fully distributed vaccine will take 9 to 12 months. Trump is for HERD IMMUNITY, which will expose seniors in massive numbers. 10% of seniors die from covid while survivors are debilitated.

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    Awesome President…. Trump 2020

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    EVERYONE KNOWS the media is owned&controlled by the 1%/deep state/corrupt souless-SO WHY are all the Major networks(abc,nbc,msnbc,cnn&cbs&sm)putting down our President??

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    2)corrupt-SO WHY are they 'PROGRAMING' YOU to put down our President& completely IGNORING his ACCOMPLISHMENTS??

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    He never had the virus. Just another lie he has told.

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    Goodwins all access Media service provider

    2020 choice Trump overtanned seemingly traitorous national white supremacist far right wing facist racist billionaire elitist covid 19 infected drugged up crackhead drug dealer pitch man for Regeneron or Biden a ordinary respected politician- simple choice https://youtu.be/ibAtHxaeQpE

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    Goodwins all access Media service provider

    This is the level of stupidly were dealing with a criminal president openly breaking the law actively in-dangering the lives of citizens communities these cultists will return to & infect and publicly risking our National Security weak 🇷🇺 Asset https://youtu.be/zWm-mlM6u-M

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    He made all the doctors sign a nondisclosure, so trump lies all he wants, the docs are stymied xso they aren't going to call him out on it.

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    Elizabeth Fitgerald

    Destroying people with a stroke of a pen. To give insurance right to deny health care preexisting health conditions.. it not her wonderful catholic friend while dealing with disabilities and children saying she a Christian.

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    Follow a blind man and you get lost
    Follow an Idiot you become one yourself

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    I want trump to go kiss each and everyone of his supporters. And get off the fricken lawn of the White House doing a rally.

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    Trump is a fricken loser, he never had Covid and he lies lies lies…he is the DEVIL 👿

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    Biden not wearing his mask right

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    You can’t be that ignorant? Democrats BLM and Antifa did $2,000,000,000 in damage in support of the liberal George Soros Owned Democrats! Really, Biden’s own People supported these Anti American Terrorists by Bailing the Terrorist out of Prison! That’s why all Police Unions Nationwide support Trump. Not one want lying Biden!🤠🤠🤠

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    I don't care how many people support him or not I just care the people for the people hope they protect themselves keep their distance playing your hands over time take up sanitizer towels clean where your seat cover your face protect yourself the you protecting your family that's what is about coffee is to protect yourself and protect your family and friends people that you love that's all I can say

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