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Trump held news conference defending himself against The Atlantic accusations

President Trump is expected to speak to press.

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  1. Avatar

    Joe Biden, after 47 years in politics, is certainly no match for Donald Trump in terms of achieving focused results. The media and their globalists are behind Joe Biden, but there is the unseen hand of God in the affairs of the USA, and His counsel shall come to pass in the November election

  2. Avatar

    Fox News confirmed this story is true. So what's the excuse now?

  3. Avatar

    “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” Donald Trump

  4. Avatar

    Best president ever. Please vote November 3rd please please please

  5. Avatar

    If there wasn't a history and a pattern to Trump's behaviour that already supports this allegation, then perhaps people would believe him. But Trump has displayed such a lack of empathy and humanity towards so many groups, in addition to his pathological lying, that he will have a hard time getting out from under this. Especially so close to the election. And if this helps sink his presidency, then he only has himself to blame.

  6. Avatar

    Don the big con the biggest lier in American history

  7. Avatar

    The headline by Fox is disingenuous. Trump never brought up the Atlantic article in his opening remarks. He responded to a couple questions at the end.

  8. Avatar

    hateful media crazy how low they go.

  9. Avatar

    Blah blah blah. 🤮

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Ask yourself, would trump say these remarks? We all know the answer

  12. Avatar

    He has a history of insulting service men & Veterans, has he not?

  13. Avatar

    🇺🇸🧑‍✈️🧑‍✈️🇺🇸🇺🇸 * T R U M P * 2 0 2 0 ***🇺🇸 🇺🇸🧑‍✈️🧑‍✈️🇺🇸

  14. Avatar

    Omg stop competing with other countries ""DO YOUR JOB AND PAY more attention one THIS NATION!!!!
    We don't need deaths we need solutions to all of this , there's no need for people to die THERE'S NO NEED TO BE AT 200K DEATHS you stupid trump"
    This Trumpy dosent care about the people only on his money and his Views.
    what a DISGRACE and a disaster of a Lieing hypritical little man.
    Go back to your bunker.

  15. Avatar

    In God We Trust!

  16. Avatar

    Fox Is So Rattled By Trump Military Story That It Confirms, Debunks, Then Reconfirms It

  17. Avatar

    Nancy got set up. Joe does not know he was set up.
    Poor fellow got fooled to comment on a fake story.

  18. Avatar

    President Trump has done an incredible job as president, especially after all the 🐎💩 the dumbocrats have pulled over the last 4 yrs. Kudos President Trump you'll go down as the greatest POTUS America has ever seen. Obama officially the worst.
    Mic drop!

  19. Avatar

    My president trump 2020!

  20. Avatar

    The writer of the Atlantic hit piece is Jeffrey Goldberg who also wrote in 2002 that Saddam Hussein was aiding Al Qaeda and who admitted that he started the Iraq war with his fake articles.

  21. Avatar

    Attacked daily by the Corrupt and Malicious MSM, anti-US Antifa, Socialist left and the Crippled Dem, Donald Trump stands Tall and Strong, fighting ceaselessly for America. God Bless Donald Trump.

  22. Avatar

    The reason they want them out of prison is to create more ANARCHY

  23. Avatar

    Mr President you are the best

  24. Avatar

    Trump went up against fake news media a long time ago and this is their pathetic revenge. Also done to boost their BS ratings.

  25. Avatar

    You can always tell when tRUMP is lying, his mouth is moving.

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    We need this guy driving us 4-4 more years! TRUMP2020!

  28. Avatar

    Will you still support this disgusting President – even after this and his request to cheat by voting 2 times for him and the denying that Navalny was poisened from Russian officials (what is confirmed by German doctors and authorities)?????

  29. Avatar

    NICE to see Trump pointing out the devastating effects of lockdowns

  30. Avatar

    We need a podium view of these wankers making idiots out of themselves for creative compilation videos like: "Today's Top Joker Journalists".

  31. Avatar
    Fx Technical Signal


  32. Avatar

    Please let him have another 4yrs…
    And lets watch HIS country fall!!!!

  33. Avatar

    192,132 covid deaths 6,389,413 covid cases and counting even after the WH took control of hospital data from the CDC and test centres being closed down, 1000 americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' says the impeached 'i dont take responsibility at all' bone spurs grifter of a president who is responsible for 25 million people being evicted from their homes due to his incompetence…….

  34. Avatar

    I wonder if Joe would remember to show up for a debate 🤣🤣

  35. Avatar

    Spewgole owns YouTube and Racebook they are all collectively against the people

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