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Trump has several risk factors for coronavirus, doctor says

Dr. Matthew Oughton of Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital says Donald Trump’s age, weight and relative inactivity are risk factors for the novel coronavirus. 
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  1. Avatar

    Trump dying from a self inflicted cause may be one of the few things that prevents or lessens domestic terrorism from his followers if he loses. Because let's be honest, this was 100% self inflicted. I can think of over 200,000 who people would say the same if he had not killed them.

  2. Avatar

    Anyone else thinks Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis is awfully convenient? Smells like a cynical sympathy ploy after his historically disastrous debate performance.

    I mean he's pulled this stunt before pretending to be on hydroxychlorquine…🤔🤔🤔

  3. Avatar

    so much for hydroxycloroquine

  4. Avatar

    1 month before the elections. How convenient

  5. Avatar

    McDonalds is freaking out. This could seriously destroy their profits if he croaks.

  6. Avatar

    Some call it irony. I call it KARMA.

  7. Avatar

    Golf, is and never has been a form of exercise. He better have been walking around the golf course while carrying his own bag, if you want that to be considered an exercise.

  8. Avatar
    Lawrance Ovarabia

    OUR hearts and prayers are WITH the CORONAVIRUS during this extremely difficult time!

  9. Avatar

    Haters should be careful what they wish for! Karma is a B*tch!

  10. Avatar

    HAHAHAHHA. Trump has tested positive for covid and Mike Pence has tested positive for having a big big smile on his face! Hey doesn’t the world owe Hope Hicks a great big Thank you!

  11. Avatar

    Fortunately he can afford private health care ( THAT SHOULD BE FREE TO ALL AT THE HOUR OF NEED LIKE INTHE UK) wealth before health lover will get the best medical care immediately unlike thousands of ordinary Americans,he should try the bleach treatment as it does work as you can see on his hair extensions- down play COVID 🦠at your peril! Stay safe everyone across the pond.

  12. Avatar

    Jewish Hospital? lol, I didn't know we had a Jewish hospital

  13. Avatar

    Trump is 74, looks strong, moves very easy and his posture is likewise, very good.
    Neurologically he is as sharp as a razor. There ain't many 74 year olds in the world look as good as he does.
    "DemoRATS eat your heart out".
    Stay safe Trump

  14. Avatar

    Millions of people test positive for coronavirus, not COVID19, and they show no signs or symptoms of the virus. The media are the ones who are sick.

  15. Avatar

    OHHH NOOO, What if he survives and remains perfectly healthy like Our Prime Minister justin Tredeau and his wife after they tested positive in March

  16. Avatar

    It’s a lie. Melania would never stand so close to him to get the virus. Better check up on his daughter/wife. Here’s hoping…

  17. Avatar

    We can only hope!!!

  18. Avatar

    Why is it always "did the prez get it from Hope Hicks" and not the other way around? Just because they tested positive a few hours apart doesn't mean she was first.

  19. Avatar

    Cant say im surprised by the comments under a CBC video, but it's hilarious to see these comments from people who claim some kind of ideological moral high ground and, at the same time, wish for harm to come to another human being. True colours shining through.

  20. Avatar

    What a bunch of bull

  21. Avatar
    Michael Pedersen

    I hope the people that were catchin the hats . ( form the last Debate) that D. T. was troving out. does read the news. !! ?

  22. Avatar

    I'm wondering if this is a political move ?? I mean he is known for lies

  23. Avatar

    Who would have guessed that Hicks might prove be our Hope?

  24. Avatar

    For the mask supporters/Trump haters: Is Trump lying as usual and this whole virus response is a political sham?

    For the covid deniers/Trump supporters: Did Trump actually catch a virus or is your idol lying to you and this whole virus response is a political sham?

    Clearly politricks as usual – We're ALL being played.

  25. Avatar

    I can't wait for Trump to easily survive the little virus and show everyone on earth that it's a joke.

  26. Avatar
    Richard Willette

    Several risk factors including downplaying virus, thinking bleach injections and prayers cure corona, and karma

  27. Avatar

    This is how the trump story ends very ironic

  28. Avatar

    Assumptions make the world go round clearly…

    Keep following the herd sheep, Trumps going to be A-Okay. 😘❤✌🇺🇸

  29. Avatar

    Right Side Broadcasting shows the entire Trump rallies.

  30. Avatar

    Who can feel sorry for the man that showed no empathy for the tens of thousands of the elderly killed by covid-19? He is the one that dismissed all the seniors that have died from it – basically saying, oh well, they were after all seniors and would have died sooner or later. So now the man that neither could, or would show empathy for others would have the nation feel sympathy and empathy for him?

  31. Avatar
    Patriot Lynda Toronto

    He will be ok 99.8% survival rate he is not is a nursing home lol

  32. Avatar

    Until they are stuffing a ventilator tube down that orange pie hole I'm not getting too excited.

  33. Avatar

    I'm agreeing with another comment . This could be a PR move. Maybe a way to get out of next debate .

  34. Avatar

    If Trump is 6ft 3 in., I am 4ft 4in. If Trump is 275 lbs., I am 85 lbs. He might be in the obese category. If trump received the Hope Hicks' strain of COVID, she tested negative getting on Air Force one and started displaying symptoms on the flight. Might be the "display Symptoms" variety.

  35. Avatar

    The biggest risk for COVID is LIVING! Oh no!

  36. Avatar

    Canada has some of the worst TDS around, it's sad. Most Canadian only hear about Trump on the news, from sources like CBC and Global who are the Canadian equivalent to MSNBC and CNN.
    Very bias reporting.

    As such most Canadians think Trump is what they hear. Since we don't experience the actual benefits the policies he enacts grant us, we assume the worst.

    I'd trade Trump for Socialist Sock boy anyday of the week.
    Canada has gone to hell. All the real Canadians moved north where it's still cold to get away from the foreign interests.

  37. Avatar

    CbC the flake news Trudeaus WEAK response best wishes does he think it,s Christmas.

  38. Avatar

    When he recovers evangelicals will claim that God intervened and saved him to proof to the world that Trump is the chosen one. And Trump will claim catching the virus is a win since it proves covid-19 is not all that serious of an illness. He'll also claim that Biden would never have been able to recover like he did.

  39. Avatar

    Just wait, he'll "recover" around the 16th of October and will be touting Hydroxychloroquine as his "cure". Making a bad situation in the US 100 times worse.
    The US holds the dubious distinction of having 30% of the world's infections (over 200000) so far. Just watch those numbers soar after the 16th.

  40. Avatar

    Barron TRUMP is the sleety super spreader?

  41. Avatar

    CBC did you forget to turn off comments,is it negative news about trump then is ok

  42. Avatar
    GateKeeperGames 12

    cbc – lets censor all comments on the prime minister who is ruining the country trump comments – it is open season !!! lol bias leftist politics

  43. Avatar

    Having a hard time believing if this is actually the truth.

  44. Avatar

    He's gonna be dead. it was predicted on The Simpsons cartoon several years before he got into office.

  45. Avatar

    Human trafficking & open air Slave Markets abroad, and more, yet… Trump's got covid?!
    Way to change the world, CBC! Bravo!

  46. Avatar

    He's faking it like Bolsanaro, he wants to avoid another debate.

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