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Trump has mild symptoms, White House chief of staff says

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows provides an update on President Trump and first lady Melania Trump’s condition after they both tested positive for Covid-19.

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    Where's Joe?😷

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    behind door A – 2nd debate, behind door B – covid…trump, "i'll take B!

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    stephen wedderburn

    If trump has mild symptoms then he's sick, these prices will lie about everything. Meadows is McConnell's watch dog for the GOP republicans. They're not wanting their coup front man to be removed because he's incapacitated under constitutional rules. So Meadows needs the world to think he's still able to function.

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    Meadows sounds like he tired of lying and covering up lol

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    That all they care about how much money are we loosing… A bunch of MORANS & CROOKS….

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    Don't worry Donald, it's a hoax.

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    Trump is attacked by Covid19 and this is the success of China.

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    Fauci should be his doctor and get even with him.

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    October surprise folks. Dont believe the lies. Bait and switch, new shiny object, setup to keep distracting, other shoe to drop… c'mon.

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    It's crazy how the world is reacting to trump's results –

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    Tammarah Hamilton

    Well I don't think they took his phone away. He's currently not tweeting (as of 30 min ago) and to me his last tweet doesn't really flow like his usual tweets. While I believe the president is "ill" I'm not convinced that it's covid-19 that is the real illness. I mean "has mild symptoms" and Mark Meadows speaking face to face with POTUS? That's not quarantine be folks

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    Keep the guy alive, you're not gonna get off that easy.

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    if you expect any form of the truth from this administration, you're as brain damaged as his MAGA HATs.

    HATs Hominid Anthropoid Troglodytes

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    Interesting that it’s suddenly “COVID-19” rather than the “China Virus” once it’s attacked him.

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    Trump resigns citing health concerns.
    Pence issues full, blanket pardon.
    Trump gets last laugh, retires to the lap of luxury and GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING.

    Sorry America. this game is already over. You lose.

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    The flu will go away" and now oh boy

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    shannon the Grand

    It is what it is

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    mild symptoms and its really early on — symptoms will get worse.

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    Hopefully trump can understand he 's understood the pain of 2007000 families having no chances to say goodbye to their loves ones

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    0:12 Nobody is focused on the phony jobs report, we want to hear how the Orange Man caught something that is a hoax. How does that happen?

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    Let me know when his symptoms go from mild to wild! I will get the party started!!!

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    pretty sure Americans care as much about the Trumps as he does about them!… at least they should!!!!

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    If he dies from it his supporters are going to say that the government killed him because of some dumb bullshit

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    Galaxy explorer Al-jibouri

    Reporter: is the president taking hydrochloroquine??

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    Why do he need special doctors and many in attending him , let him suffer karma karma

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    The only thing worse than COVID-19 is Mark Meadows bullshit! I am suffering severe symptoms already.

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    Doesn't it start out mild as a rule?

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    The ultimate irony

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    I do not believe he has covid.
    At this point, I wouldn't believe his death unless I saw the cremation myself.

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    For the last 4 years, USA haven't declared war on any nation.

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    He is LYING

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    we contribute 20% of all COVID deaths in the world. !! USA! USA! USA! USA!!

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    The U.S. Government is Non-essential.

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    Donald Trump have now tasting his own deceitfulness and disgracefulness towards those innocent American people who had died from the Coronavirus pandemic because he went on to downplaying it since the beginning of the pandemic crisis here in the US. He is now making his own followers and supporters are having much worries of his own health matters at this point. But most of his own followers and supporters out there are still yet believing this is a Fake News and a hoax matter by the news media outlets. That's what it is to it to his own ignorant followers of Donald Trump.

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    What a difference a mask makes. Wear it under all circumstances when in contact with others. It is safer for everyone.

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    No mask. No brain.

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    What a loser and a sucker

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    Maribel Is hooked

    Fake news

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    I won't believe it until I see him on a ventilator, and even then, I'll wait to see if it's a staged photograph/hoax. If he & that awful Melanoma have it, IT IS WHAT IT IS. Thoughts & prayers, motherfuckers.

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    Trump should drink some of his miracle cure and drink some bleach.

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    Ohhhhh so noooow contact tracing is Rolling at full stram ..

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    Of course he would say that. How do you believe what he is saying. Mark Meadows is learning the: PLAY IT DOWN tactics that Trump used over 5 months ago.

  44. Avatar

    I have some bleach and hydrogen peroxide for him if you need it.

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    Don’t believe it he’s using it as a lie

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