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Trump 'has a duty' to submit the Supreme Court nominee: Ken Starr

‘What I think we will continue to see is solid Republican support for a superbly qualified nominee,’ says Ken Starr, Fox News contributor.

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  1. Avatar

    ABORTION saves trump. Stem cells are the components of regeneron how ironic that it saves this malfeasant miscreant

  2. Avatar

    Loss of Healthcare for millions of Americans without health insurance, especially during a pandemic, is a core feature of this SC nominee. Sadly, being that the US is only 4 % of the world's population, it's astounding that 25% of Covid infections and deaths are American. Just think, if the Government focused on educating Americans on the value of forming good eating habits, exercising and being kind to each other, we'd certainly have more respect for the Government and less need for expensive health care.

  3. Avatar

    So when will be her confirmation?

  4. Avatar

    Starr, you couldn't indict a ham sandwich in a outdoor pool, during a hurricane…

  5. Avatar

    Nobel Prizes:

    Obama : 1
    Trump : 0

    Trump can't eliminate that piece of history

  6. Avatar

    Democrats pay back are mf huh

  7. Avatar

    Trump Was Voted To Do A Job. ….Trump Get Four More Years.. Couple Weeks Coming… Finish What Americans Voted For. 4 More Years.

  8. Avatar

    We're not racist here at Fox it's just our script writers who are 🤭

  9. Avatar
    blazen710420 blazen710420

    If Trump has a duty to the supreme Court by electing a supreme Court anomie and telling us who that person is could you imagine if Trump just said Oh I'm not going to pick until after the election while I still have a few days in office to get moved out then I'm going to pick my candidate could you imagine what people would say which is absolutely ridiculous because if he has a duty to the supreme Court into America then Biden should have a duty to America to tell us who he is going to want to pick for the supreme Court as well he should have to say who he wants to pick before he becomes president so we'll know if he wants to pack the court or not Fair equal treatment

  10. Avatar

    1 Corinthians 15:3-4 (The Gospel)

  11. Avatar

    Is it just me, or is fox moving to the left?

  12. Avatar

    Im.a life long republican who is voting blue due to this

  13. Avatar

    Vote red
    Do your part to keep Republicans in charge

  14. Avatar

    Let’s all remember that 4 years ago when Justice Scalia died Republicans blocked Obama from selecting the next judge. They’re reasoning was “It’s unfair. Let the voters decide. It’s only 10 months until the election”. Ginsberg dies with 40 days till the election and now Republicans say it’s the president’s duty to pick the next judge. Lmao. Republican hypocrisy is just unmatched. I’m an independent btw. I’m just making an objective statement. Don’t hate me for calling a spade a spade. You all know you’re hypocrites.

  15. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020. Promises kept. The polls are wrong. VOTE

  16. Avatar

    “I want you to use my words against me. If there’s a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said let’s let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination." Let The American People decide in the elections. Let the next president fill up the seat.”

  17. Avatar

    I still think Bader-Ginsburg died a lot longer ago than they're saying and they held onto the info as long as they could but it was about to come out so they finally admitted it and acted like it "just" happened.

  18. Avatar

    It seems Republican Politicians can't be trusted.

  19. Avatar

    Dragging Starr out of the dustbin of history is pathetic. He spent years and millions to take an investigation from sketchy real estate dealings which turned out not be illegal to Clinton getting a bj from an intern. That’s the most credible commentator they can get?

  20. Avatar

    Why did you force Amy to wear a black mask…? Silence her?

  21. Avatar

    and yet no word from fox news about trump supporters being busted by the FBI plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor,shame on you fox news

  22. Avatar

    Barret is "pro-life" but trump called the virus a hoax. Even if Trump was being sarcastic and or joking. This is not the time to be sarcastic and joking. People are dying you idiots.
    Where is your "pro-life" now?

  23. Avatar
    Candymantempting 41

    EVERYONE- look up “BRUTAL- Resurfaced video of Joe Biden” here on Youtube. Every American, Democrat or Republican, need to see this 5 minute video clip from his past!

  24. Avatar

    Trump hore and the orange clown Donald Trump is in jail not later then 2022

  25. Avatar

    Don't let Joe weasel out of it. Make him answer. Will Democrats pack the court with more Justices when they don't get what they want?

  26. Avatar

    Jesus loves biden. Vote biden if you love Jesus

  27. Avatar

    Failed old geezers wanting to stay relevant and be noticed…sick sad perverts….rapists….gop stands for geezers on pills….

  28. Avatar

    Please tell mrs. Barrett she can wear the plastic face shield which is far more comfortable than the mask for protection.

  29. Avatar




  30. Avatar

    Republicans are so anti-Democratic they’re anti-democratic.

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    How could a judge belonging to a cult be fair …….

  33. Avatar

    Um. What experience does she bring to the table? anti abortion? anti Affordable Care?

  34. Avatar

    Americans don't want to have an anti abortion idiot to be our judge.

  35. Avatar

    Vote TRUMP and KAGA in 2020 !!

  36. Avatar


  37. Avatar

    I just got the voting ballot and it's going to bring me great joy voting against the Trump. Calling Mexicans rapists and criminals is going to bite him in the behind because we never forgot. 🇲🇽🇺🇸💪

  38. Avatar

    Yawn … mitch said we should not be putting people into the supreme court during an election year. Mitch is doing it during an election!!! During an election. Its base hypocrisy

  39. Avatar

    Definition of dummy: knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still making excuse for Trump's lies. Just don't be a dummy

  40. Avatar

    He was impeached

  41. Avatar

    When politicians use faith as an excuse to pass and uphold laws that seize control of people’s bodies but not guarantee them healthcare, feed the poor, shelter the homeless, or welcome the stranger, you have to wonder if it’s really about faith at all.

  42. Avatar

    No. No more stacking the courts liberals. No more.
    The liberals are the ones that allowed the causes in businesses paperwork that take away a person CONSTITUTIONAL right to address grievances against a company. !!!!

  43. Avatar

    It’s because of
    @BarackObama and @JoeBiden that over 20 million Americans have gained health care coverage and people with pre-existing conditions are protected from being charged more or being denied coverage. That’s on the line.

  44. Avatar

    South Carolina please reelect Lindsey Graham…

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