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Trump gives presidential debate reaction in 'Hannity' exclusive

President Trump joined Sean Hannity by phone to discuss the first presidential debate and Hope Hicks positive coronavirus test. #FoxNews #Hannity

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  1. Avatar

    Was Biden wired, that didn't sound like him talking….. Donald did well, why didn't Biden criticise BLM. Its unbelievable the hypocrisy from the Democrats. Donald to win election

  2. Avatar

    There is a possibility that this is a cover/diversion for something bigger…wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  3. Avatar

    FOX is now a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hey Sean, you knuckled under to FOX and didn’t talk about Chris Wallace? Joke.

  4. Avatar

    Trump has Covid hahahahah

  5. Avatar

    Him! I guess the hydroxychloriquine didn't work! 🤔

  6. Avatar

    Weak virus…very weak virus… fake news lol!!!

  7. Avatar

    Trump has ADD I’m pretty sure

  8. Avatar

    Hey, Trumptards! Guess covid19 wasn’t a Democrat hoax after all? And now that your beloved traitor and his eurotrash wife have it, will you stop denying science and wear masks, or is Jesus still your vaccine? MAGA!

  9. Avatar

    Erica is gone if Donald Trump doesn't get president again I'm for Donald Trump my president

  10. Avatar

    Ha! Msm fox news! Found one open comment!
    John Roberts hissy fit. Yeah. We are tired of msm asking the same questions over and over again. Look up all the videos for years. Or ask your wife. She had a video.
    We know your bosses hates Trump.

    Proud boys are a group of multi racial, multi religious patriots. You are ignorant to call them White supremacist.

    Don't worry Roberts. You won't be demoted to msnbc. Msm fox will keep you.
    Did you apologize to the American people? I don't watch msm fox anymore.

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Avatar

    TRUMP will now give the Presidency to Ivanka

  12. Avatar

    Trump and our 1st lady, will be just fine, We love you both and praying for you, and Trump will come out and tell you how he feels , we love you

  13. Avatar

    Oh wow, I would say I had Corona to avoid Biden stupidity on Tuesday.
    But also how many false positives are out there.
    Who did the test? Maybe they hate Trump. Maybe that's why he tested positive.

  14. Avatar
    Hip to be square

    Fox: The first amendment is important and part of the American people and everyone should have a say in anything even if it’s sexist or racist, we tell the real news for real Americans

    Also Fox: disables comments regarding trumps covid case

  15. Avatar

    The hoax president caught the hoax virus. How ironic!!!! Bahahahahahahahaha.

  16. Avatar

    Hannity has the nerve. He used the system to get all the property he owns. White privilege at it's finest. Only in white world does this type of crap.happen. would love to meet Hannity and talk to him. But a coward runs a hide.

  17. Avatar
    kenneth fotografie

    Trump speaking of Biden lying during the debate is hilarious. But I guess he’s really deaf for his own lies as are all of his voters

  18. Avatar

    Fox turning off the comments because MOST Americans are rejoicing at this positive covid test for the disgusting Celebrity and Chief.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    “Train of thought” that’s what this dip💩 couldn’t THINK OF!

  21. Avatar

    Now Trump has the fake virus

  22. Avatar

    "It is what it is…"

  23. Avatar

    This is Kentucky and yes they sent me twice mail-in vote no I'm going to vote in person because I want to see President Trump stay in office

  24. Avatar

    It's a Good thing he tested Positive, because throughout his life he was being Negative.

  25. Avatar

    Well, I guess the scientists are right! 🤓👍

  26. Avatar

    Chris Wallace and John Roberts should both be fired from fox immediately! What a couple of moron losers .

  27. Avatar

    Um, the comments section not interrupted yet? Um….shits real . Prez got the… you know. Hope for a speedy recovery. If it's true

  28. Avatar
    Modern Audio Recording Services

    Why is Fox News using terminology like Corona Virus or Covid19? What happened to the CHINA VIRUS? or The Democrat HOAX virus?

  29. Avatar

    losing the game…… commander in cheat!!!!!!!!…. imagine cheating at golf… imagine cheating on your wife… imagine cheating at college.. in business… in taxes… hating the US… Hating people… hating "your" children…. YOU are hate personified

  30. Avatar

    I think Conservatives are reluctant to Wear Mask because of the( Media Scare Tactics ) . Feeling bullied and presses by the left.

  31. Avatar

    Hey Handfull Hannity, why has your network FOX, turned off all comments regarding the Hoaxter Trumpet? He like you are dickheads.

  32. Avatar

    Everyone knows Covid is being used to keep Trump from doing rallies and help Biden stay competitive. But that coward Biden is hiding in his basement and he's still going to lose..

  33. Avatar

    1.9k need their blankies and a nap.

  34. Avatar

    Bullshito….. setting it up….. lies lies lies

  35. Avatar

    Crazy thing and saddest….a lot of people at those rallies got it and don't know it. And they have mass spread it too…trump spitting all that falseness into the mic…. I really don't feel bad.

  36. Avatar

    Poor guy shouldn't have gotten tested, that way he wouldn't have covid! Get better

  37. Avatar
    Jehovah Luv AngeaLs

    annaway… get well soon…🤒…🔴🔴🔴🎈

  38. Avatar
    Jehovah Luv AngeaLs


  39. Avatar

    I have a great suggestion for debate rules changes. How about the moderator ask open ended questions about topics that matter to American people, and then let the two candidates debate? What we saw in this debate was a bunch of personal attacks, that consisted of nonsensical leftist narrative talking points, with a "how do you respond?" at the end.

    Instead – how about – these:
    1. The country is concerned about their safety both at home and abroad. As public servants in the past and as president in the future how will you address it?
    2. There are those that would like to pack the supreme court with more members and congress and the senate with more members. Are you opposed or for these increases in government roles and why?
    3. Covid19 affected our booming economy in an extremely negative way. What do you plan to do to fix it?


  40. Avatar
    Mariana Gherasim

    REMEMBER what the SCIENTISTS said: This is not more than a cold/flu

    The FAKE NUMBERS on COVID are like the FAKE NEWS

  41. Avatar
    Candy queen Candy Queen

    Y'all people claiming Covid was a hoax are looking stupid as hell now.

  42. Avatar

    Fox wants no part of the american people's comments

  43. Avatar

    Best wishes for Trump’s family and Hope Hicks’s family. Speedy recovery for continuing your fantastic effort and tremendous heartfelt rallies!

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