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Trump falsely declares himself 'the chief law enforcement officer' of the US

Donald Trump has falsely claimed he is ‘the chief law enforcement officer’ in the US. The chief law enforcement officer in the country is actually the attorney general, William Barr. Barr recently requested that Trump stop tweeting about about the justice department because it makes it ‘impossible for me to do my job’.

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    He's madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year's "Mr. Madman" competition.

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    And he got acquitted in the Senate unbelievable

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    When your President uses Twitter to hire and fire people he absolutely needs on his team …

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    New York City is having pandemic with Coronavirus. Boris Johnson will kill us all our country leaving high risk countries and borders open.

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    We will all die from coronavirus mate I’m gonna jump off a bridge next week

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    Pathological Liar, Delusional, and completely Senile.

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    Still does more work than Trudy does here in Canada 🇨🇦 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    Crooks are running the government

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    Trump 2020
    Tucker Carlson 2024 🇺🇲

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    The Attorney General is the head of the DOJ and chief law enforcement officer of the federal government. The Attorney General represents the United States in legal matters, advises the President and the heads of the executive departments of the government, and occasionally appears in person before the Supreme Court… So.. who appoints the AG..? President Trump…

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    Guardian News is such a sack of Schiff…

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    Every time this abhorrent person opens his mouth the swamp gets that much deeper.

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    The Guardian News falsely calls themselves a "news" organization.

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    The problem with political jokes is they get elected.

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    I will stick with the evil I know. I'm voting Trump in 2020.

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    YES indeed Potus The lyin conniving corrupt Main scheme media wont give you eye water to cry with. Zilch nada nothing So grateful you have twitter and your Rallies to get the word out 👍👍👍👍

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    He's an overflowing bag of liposuction fat that's been animated with black magic

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    Trump is the chief of the executive branch. That means head of the military and the CIA FBI all policing included. If you don't like that move to another country. He even has the right to pardon.

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    As long as Barr always does his bidding, Trump is the chief law enforcement officer.

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    How Ironic the UK has to teach us US citizens how our law enforcement republic government works. Thanks!

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    I'm not a racist, I'm a realist.
    I'm not far right, I'm just right.

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    The 1st Chief Law Enforcement Officer who is above the law. And the third of three presidents who are forever impeached in history.

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    Who gave the 5 year old the keys to the candy store?

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    " Rump" is the biggest "wannabe" cop ever.

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    Trump Gets the most media coverage in History

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    It's funny because when he leaves office Twitter is going to ban him for life.

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    Forget it, he cant comprehend the concept of the separation of powers . Let Donny boy believe in his fantasy world. Dooo dee doo dee dee.

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    The stable genius has awarded himself another grandiose title🤮

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