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Trump experiencing 'mild symptoms' – BBC News

US President Donald Trump has said he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus and are now self-isolating.

Mr Trump, aged 74 and therefore in a high-risk group, wrote on Twitter: “We will get through this together.”

The president has “mild symptoms” of coronavirus, White House officials say.

Mr Trump’s announcement comes just over a month before the presidential elections on 3 November, where he faces Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

The development comes after Hope Hicks, one of Mr Trump’s closest aides, tested positive.

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  1. Avatar

    Another trump lig ass

  2. Avatar

    Trump was throwing MAGA hats out at his fundraiser Wednesday.

  3. Avatar

    Thank God he didn't appear stressed at all!

  4. Avatar

    We don’t believe you

  5. Avatar

    It is what it is Baby Donald.

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    Mericans are so smart LMAO

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    🛑 ALERT! Okay Sadly I'm very good at Chess! LISTEN – This may be an attempt at a Coup by Donald Trump! Donald Trump will plant suspicions that the Republican Party was attacked by the Democratic Party at the 1st presidential debate. He'll incite racial unrest and cause mass confusion on a "Legendary Scale" the fallout combined with the pandemic will bring mass casualties the likes of which haven't been seen. Then he'll file motions with the court with a packed advantage. Initiate a national emergency and by executive order activate the National guard and military.

    Many Generals will attempt to speak out only to realize that it's too late.

    Many citizens will leave the United States and the dollar will fall. Replaced by a new world currency. The United states will not be Made Great Again!

    I'm really sorry. Napoleon Bonaparte… remember him. 🛑

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    matt the wanderer

    Terrible news! My thoughts are with the virus!

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    Out comes all the far left Nazis! All getting fed their food from the far left bias BBC. I wish Trump and his wife a speedy recovery. Trump is far from perfect, God help America if the leftist democrats get in. Greater evil and all that jazz! Boris is crap but thankfully we arent left run!

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    Have you consulted Dr Fauci.

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    Trump is a covid 19 zombie

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    Stuart Cunningham

    You know when you've been tangoed.

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    Aye right, he's probably faking it to get out of the debates…. The timing is coincidental?

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    usual bullshit from the bbc typical london bias the further up the country you go the nicer the people enjoy

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    Democrats: we're praying for severe symptom's.

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    There is a microbiological test for the virulent strain of bacteria known as Covid 19. When detected in the blood sample there is no doubt of the prognosis. Covid 19 is not a conspiracy theory made up to confuse the dumb masses. Covid 19 is a real and violent bug that when contracted into the body will start to attack the main organs with devastating effect. There is no Anti Virus, no cure for this bacteria to kill it in the blood stream. Anti bodies in our bodies have little to no effect. Donald Trump like most people who have caught this virus is in very real and immediate danger of the virus in his body becoming unmanageable with the organs breaking down and the possibility of death to follow. These are the stark truths about the virulent Coronavirus bacteria known by it's clinical name of Covid 19. May god help this man and any other man and woman who is struck down.

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    Trump is strong as an ox!!
    Who should be worried is EXTREMELY FRAGILE Biden who stood next to him, mask-less, for 90 minutes less than 24 hours before Trump tested positive!!

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    Hello l m prom insonesia ,good nice

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    There is no surprise. He never wore mask…Bullish guy..

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    Election stunt only, Fake Virus.

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