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Trump downplayed the coronavirus the same week he tested positive

President Trump continued to downplay the novel coronavirus in the days leading up to his positive test for the virus on Oct. 1. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    His team has proven their willingness to promote fraud and deception. I'm betting this is bull. He'll conveniently 'recover' and enthrall his core with tales of invincibility etc. Sorry Donnie…either way you're done with your malevolent hunkering at 1600 Penn.

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    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    🧘‍♀️I miss 2018

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    Hugo Enrique Alejos La Rosa

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    IF this is true and the imbecile orange criminal is really infected, I can't help but feel sorry for the virus.

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    TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS are super-spreaders of corona for not wearing a mask, not social distancing, and it finally caught up to them…KARMA… and corona is real and not going away, anytime soon so corona is waiting for those who don't.

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    Coronavirus is waiting for you after Trump turned the corner! Joke on Trump ! I wonder how he will spin about this is a hoax ?

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    Guess these vaccines Trump talked about are not coming fast enough 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    A resignation on medical grounds is coming… TRUMP'S huge EGO will not let him lose to BYE-DON 2020 💙

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    He SOUNDS sick when he's talking to Hannity yesterday.

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    He gambled against the virus the virus won, he is a danger to all Americans.

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    Now the clever Donald Trump has all the possibilities that he has spread in his stupidity in recent months to try on himself. The best thing to do is to start with the disinfectant and, if it doesn't help, try the hydrochloride. He can also try to immunize himself quickly with the vaccination he announced. I have absolutely no feeling for him, just as he had no feeling for the many thousands of Covid-19 dead or sick. Now it's his turn. In contrast to the normal US citizens, however, he will get the best doctors and the best medication and when he is admitted to the hospital, he will be given a gold-plated tube on the breathing machine. I can only hope that he will learn from it and that it is not a fake with which he wants to get votes!

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    He paid someone to take the test so he could pass.

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    How about report on Ghislaine Maxwell….she still alive? Prayers to President Mr. and Mrs Trump

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    Covid or No Covid … Trump has already won.

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    Sympathy for the devil?

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    No one in Trump’s circle can be trusted when it comes to the truth. An outside doctor with unquestionable integrity would have to test Trump for it to be believable.

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    he's on a ventilator on nov. 3rd.


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    God Bless Joe Biden!


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    I imagine that Trump is walking back his statement that COVID-19 "affects virtually nobody…"

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    It was my birthday yesterday this was the best present ever!!! Let's hope u take it seriously now Mr president!!!

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    Trump is using this virus to hide behind when he is voted out of office HE KNOWS HE WILL DIE IN PRISON ONCE REMOVED FROM OFFICE and he will FAKE HIS DEATH from COVID to avoid PRISON

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    internet persona

    Putin had a “vaccine” months ago. What happened to that?

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    I am praying for you

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    I think the world should declare war on the CCP for infecting the planet with this Virus.

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    It's prop he gonna come out see it just like mild flu

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    Look, stop it!!!! Trump does not have covid he is dodging the next debate like he dodged the draft… Oh, and don't forget his campaign is going broke. When I see Trump on a ventilator then we will know he has covid.

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    So secret service will have to stand on the covid floor because Trump want to play sick… This is a Republican Hoax 🙄!

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    Michael Valdivia

    Yes trump, we're rounding the curve. Full circle, ya douche.

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    This is fake news. Trump needs to show his long-form COVID test. I have people looking into this and you wouldn't believe the things they are finding. JUST A HOAX FOR SYMPATHY VOTES, FOLKS!!!

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    Unbelievable how he speaks as if he isn’t the a President now & if he wins in November, he will turn things around and end the pandemic, the protests and everything that is off the rails in the country. News flash: You have been the President this whole time, moron. You are the incumbent

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    What goes around comes around.. How many did he infect? This is disgusting.

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    Covid rounded itself alright…right back to you

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