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Trump Covid: President criticised over drive-past – BBC News

Medical experts are questioning Donald Trump’s decision to greet supporters in a drive-past outside the hospital where he is being treated for Covid-19.

There are concerns the US president, who wore a mask, may have endangered Secret Service staff inside the car.

White House spokesperson Judd Deere said the trip on Sunday had been “cleared by the medical team as safe”.

Questions remain over the seriousness of Mr Trump’s illness after conflicting statements over the weekend.

The president has been in hospital since Friday, after he announced hours earlier he had tested positive for the virus.

Covid-19 has infected nearly 7.4 million and killed nearly 210,000 people across the US, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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  1. Avatar

    Will Trump visit a clinic full of covid patients next to show the USA that he cares for the every day American! ! , Not like he can catch a virus that he already has is there 😈.

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    King Trump

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    Looked like they were wearing masks, BBC fake news. Trump 2020🇬🇧🇺🇲

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    You people are so hysterical!! These secret service men can only have a infection fatality rate of 0.02% (20 – 49 years) according to new CDC report.

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    Yes! Gwon Gary Lad! ❤️

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    I feel sorry for the driver.

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    Te BBC love protecting pedovores sick fucks

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    The BBC really is becoming more pathetic as time passes.

  9. Avatar

    Blaming the young is a joke aswell.Its simple just protect the old and the ill from corona and let business carry on.

  10. Avatar
    TruthofChrist 777

    Oh yes what a great risk, the cure is 14 days isolation, very little fear of death of course, but that would spoil the story for the BBC pr0pagand@ channel wouldn't it?

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    Trump criticised?…I dont believe it!!

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    Charles L. Moukoko

    I've told you, trump is faking covid. What a fool con

  14. Avatar

    Non of you were bothered about the risk to the people in the helicopter that flew him there in the first place. There really trying to find the smallest things to have a go at him about. All this hatred towards one person is just getting stupid and childish.

  15. Avatar
    Talluri s.prabhakar

    COVID 19 might have thought somany lessons to President Trump

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    Criticsed by the globalist, MSM, authoritarianism establishment. #ScumMedia

  17. Avatar
    Patricia Soebagio

    oh and great job securing the barn door — AFTER the horses all ran away….

  18. Avatar
    Charles L. Moukoko

    He's mocking those who contacted the virus or those who passed away because if his foolishness.

  19. Avatar

    The greatest hoax in American history but yeah his supporters are stupid enough to believe anything the orange says

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    Why does the make the news when we have lots of sick things happening in this country. Like 21 men who have been arrested in Bradford?? Doesnt take much to work out what they were arrested for…..one word…..children….Why are you not reporting this? O yer, you are biased and only report things you want people to believe.

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    Talluri s.prabhakar

    Mr Trump might have Converted to CORONA positive to
    Positive PSYCHOLOGY

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    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    BBC, please stop with the breaking news push notifications and constant coverage on this story (i.e. members of Trump's inner circle getting the virus). No one cares. Its the fault of their own. The more the media shines a spotlight on them, the more free press they get to turn around the narrative.

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    Breaking news Kayleigh has coronavirus now 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

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    I'm just gonna put this out there with regards Trump having Coronavirus, and in the immortal words of Ron Burgundy…… I don't believe you!

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    The BBC is Doomed,

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    Non-news. Drive past.get critisised………..do not drive past……..same result.

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    I think Trump and some people here have serious difficulty to understand the meaning of the word "ISOLATION".

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    I simply cannot comprehend the utter stupidity of this meglpmaniac

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    Look at me! Look at me! – I'm a knobhead

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    hallelujah Trump is dead!

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    Accused by who? Everyone loves Trump except for a tiny minority of weirdos in society, and the whole of the weirdo scumbag journalists.

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