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Trump could be discharged 'as early as tomorrow' – the President's team of doctors give update

President Donald Trump’s team of doctors says he is doing well after his Covid-19 diagnosis and could be discharged as early as Monday.

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, a specialist in pulmonary critical care, said Trump received a second dose of the experimental drug remdesivir along with a first dose of dexamethasone yesterday and isn’t showing any side effects “that we can tell.”

He said Sunday that Trump is “up and well” and the plan was to have him “out of bed” Sunday as much as possible, and could potentially return to the White House to continue his five-day course of remdesivir.

Donald Trump’s physician says he was trying to “reflect the upbeat attitude” of the president and his medical team when he declined to share Saturday that Trump was placed on oxygen the day before.

Almost two thirds Americans were found in a poll to agree that “if President Trump had taken coronavirus more seriously, he probably would not have been infected.”

This came as President Donald Trump’s doctor said that he is “not yet out of the woods” in his battle against coronavirus, but added that the medical team was “cautiously optimistic”.

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