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Trump continues treatment at Walter Reed for COVID-19

The president’s doctor, Sean Conley, caused some confusion when discussing Donald Trump’s condition on Saturday.

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    How many lives could be saved in the hospital if there were only two doctors at the briefing? Or was the rest of the group actors?

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    The trump mafia family has promoted consigliere Pence to run things until the don is out of the hospital.

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    I'm sure you'll have NO problem getting him to EAT😏. Just offer him a bucket of KFC ! 🐔🙄

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    Caring NOT

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    Justicia contra China por el virus chino ! Trump 20/24

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    NEW POLL just out, Democrats are douche bags. They are brainwashed by Fake News 48% vs non-brain 52% Most of their brains have been washed clean of any known intelligence. CDC warns to stay clear of Bitter acting Democrats. Stay Safe, for a vaccine, vote Trump 2020. 🧠

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    Who would have predicted the person who would single handedly take down the fascism in America would be named Hope Hick? Proof were in a simulation?

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    Trump is fine. Not a smidge of temperature just like Zu Zu in "It's A Wonderful Life".

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    quite a lot of doctors to be treating someone that is doing well

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    Trumps final days in office!! Praise Allah!! Black lives Matter!!

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    (poetic justice).clown .lying will get covid.thank God have punishment.

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    Good to see they are all wearing lab coats. It makes them look like they are real doctors.

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    How will this effect the debates?👀👀👀👀

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    اسلام وعلیکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ۔

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    Fake doctors giving fake news.

  16. Avatar

    These doctors sound like they have a gun to their backs

  17. Avatar

    These so called reporters are a joke, no wonder trump calls them fake news

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    You will survive the sir mr. President Donald Trump my energy is going out to you all of our energy is going out to you you have many people on your side and in your room God bless you sir see you in the White House

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    To me this is fake news, Dr's cant even lie for him the way he answers,his over wight,with no colestoral the way he eats McDonald's omg,they should at least take pictures of him for us to see,don't belive any news from him,just saying

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    He got antibiotics from someone who survived covid 19! Hopefully all people who need hospitalization can get antibiotics too!

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    Do you think he might sneak out for a round of golf…?

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    Is the renowned Stella Grace in that group of doctors?

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    I just can’t get over of the hate of this socialist people, ya burn in hell, TRUMP 2020

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    Why his werent mask now

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    Sir mr. President Donald Trump I'm sending all my energy to you you will be fine there would be nothing wrong with you and there is nothing wrong with you you have so much love going out to you from the legal citizens of these United States of America and we will see you tomorrow in the White House

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    Doctor's life was definitely threatened before he was able to speak to the public lol

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    Robert Dougherty


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    Just hook em up to a bleach IV🤷😂

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    Constant hydration constant oxygen oxygen oxygen oxygen sir mr. President Donald Trump you have to breathe in oxygen oxygen the good stuff don't get don't let them give you the bad oxygen let them give you the good axygen so I know you need oxygen love you sir zinc oil of oregano zinc oil of oregano zinc take it sir tell them you want that and you better get the right s*** they better not be giving you some painted crap

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    I was injured severely Iam disabled but if people don't get off their asses protest and demand answers instead of listening to lies and deciet it's all over for the Country they will have us under tyranny I can't do much but at least I know what people better do

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    Get better Mr Trump….

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    Dumbass should have eorn a mask!!!! I bet all his supporters have covid too… And there doing there part in spreading it… Let's make America Great again… Ummm…. I think your going the WRONG way from your STUPID slogan…

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    China will pay big time for this plague

  35. Avatar

    Why? Why are doctors doing anything for him? They should play it down and tell him it is a hoax!!!

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    Just another tounge clucking liar.

  37. Avatar

    bach, bach, bach, bach…all lies

  38. Avatar

    hyrray trump is dying

  39. Avatar

    Filled with losers and suckers

    Trump’s Turkey 🦃

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    These people couldn’t try to make this sound like bigger propaganda.

  41. Avatar

    I can't wait to see how many of those fundraiser attendees go positive. That ought to make them good and mad. 😀👍

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    There are alot of angry far left people down below from true mental illness. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!

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    I'm not sure who thinks he's going to be back to normal soon because I've had it and was in peak physical fitness and it took me 13 miserable days to recover. I run every day, eat plenty of vegetables, and normally get maybe one cold a year or less. My wife's diet puts mine to shame, she never gets sick, and even she took one week to kick it. Trump is old, doesn't exercise, eats awfully, and is clearly obese–I bet my life he doesn't kick this in just a few days.

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    Why does the fake news constantly have to drmatize and lie about EVERYTHING??? What the hell? He DID NOT HAVE TO HAVE OXEGYN!!! HE ANSWERED THE QUESTION 3 TIMES!! Bunch of idiots!!!

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    Doctor u fired…

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    President Trump – The People's President. God bless our President & First Lady❤❤❤

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    Keizer Permanente give slightly better service. And that’s not saying much.


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    Trump is a coward, surrounded by doctors over a virus he said was a hoax and would be gone by EASTER. He tried to convince the rest of us virus was harmless

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