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Trump campaign reacts to Biden's 16-point lead in recent poll

COVID-19 ‘cannot control our lives,’ Trump 2020 National Press Secretary Hogan Gidley tells ‘America’s Newsroom.’

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  1. Avatar

    Typical FAKE NEWS FOX!!

  2. Avatar

    "he's not out of the woods yet". I thought he was in the White House, not out hunting.

  3. Avatar

    What sort of stupid people, get exercised because someone is standing by himself, outside, and even elevated above ground level, and takes off his mask? I guess I answered the question. STUPID PEOPLE! "Social distancing"? How much more social distanced could Trump be than on a balcony, outside, nobody near him, on the balcony? Why is this news babe so lacking in the most basic form of logic and common sense?!

  4. Avatar

    Biden poll were 5%fake news n 5% errors, actually Prez Trump is 5% over Biden. President Trump win 2020

  5. Avatar

    Do you wear your mask at home?

  6. Avatar

    How the hell does this poll show Biden up by so much yet we all know that isn’t true? Where are they getting these numbers from?

  7. Avatar

    Stick a fork into the Trump hopes for re-election! It's NOT 2016! Independent: Biden/Harris '20

  8. Avatar

    Why is FOX using CNN's polls??? Why isn't FOX using FOX polls????? This Sandra is should be on CNN's payroll as her bias shows CLEARLY!!

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    reading most the comments. the Lunatics that hails trump as their FUHRER.

  11. Avatar

    BLM & rioters all across the USA for months didn't catch the virus and not a word from the news/media about them wearing masks.

  12. Avatar

    This blind needs to go to CNN. I don't like her attitude!

  13. Avatar

    These Polls are complete lies. Do your calculations and tell me I am wrong. How many voted for Trump in 2016???? Let's say 10% of them will not vote for Trump. How many % of Latinos, Asians and Black will be voting for Trump in November??? All together 40% add this % to the 2016 voters. How will Joe leads the polls??? I didn't eve mentioned the silent majority.

  14. Avatar

    Did Sandra turned into a filthy DemoRats? It's looking like I am watching CNN

  15. Avatar

    Last time I will listen to this crazy blond. Fox your changing, Americans don't like this!

  16. Avatar

    Chinese communist party a chance make allies with Mexico for occasion the boundary.

  17. Avatar

    my reaction to Joe's lead he's 99 % ahead of trump in lies and stupidity

  18. Avatar

    love that job u created dad

  19. Avatar
    Gianconti Spinocci

    The Senate is going down as well with Captain $750 ****for brains

  20. Avatar

    Lies lies lies fox news is definately fake news

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    I don't like the way y'alls family challenges me.

  23. Avatar

    That's what that word is for. Why it's in the dictionary.

  24. Avatar

    How else is the world going to know?

  25. Avatar

    I have the worlds trust. They know what I say is true

  26. Avatar

    If you want an Idea of how America will be like if Biden wins. Look at Democrat run cities, it's no wonder people are moving away. If he wins, there will be no where to run to.

  27. Avatar

    CNN poll? LMAO. Who made these numbers? the Clintons? This will be a landslide in Trump's favour. It will go down in history and the end of the cabal elite corruption

  28. Avatar

    BIDEN Lead LOL

  29. Avatar

    Didn t msn. CNN etc also have Hilary in the lead going into 2016??? Polls are crap, neither side is going to accept the results of this election anyway!!!! whole host of real and understandable reasons too. IMHO we are kinda F'd

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Does anybody else think it might be a good idea to take the nuclear button off him whilst this experimental steroid drug cocktail is running through his brain?

    Oh please, he's got experience of fighting the virus! I like Presidents who don't get captured by the virus. He now knows everything about the virus! I think we should start calling him Dr Trump, Dr Fauci move over.

    Six months ago, virtually to this day, Trump stated "as I sit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval office, greeting world leaders, I can't see me wearing masks, they are not for me".

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    I’ve never been polled nor has anyone I know.

  34. Avatar

    THIS show sure feels like it's Democratic! This show meaning Sandra's show. She is ALWAYS negative. I can't stand her! Get her OFF Fox News!

  35. Avatar

    Trump is so afraid of Vice President Biden his hair turned blue.

  36. Avatar

    OH MY GOSH….Sandra freakin give it up….go work for CNN. You are HORRIFIC! THIS is Fox News. You are so obviously against this amazing president. Get off this channel. I can't stand your show!

  37. Avatar

    I love the gotcha moment…
    "Don is still shedding the Trump family plague….."/LOL

    Is she a Lawyer…

  38. Avatar

    are you better off now than you were 4 years ago

  39. Avatar

    My Fellow Americans! Remember, we are ALL Americans 1st! After VP Biden wins the Election and becomes OUR President, WE MUST work together for the good of OUR Country!!! Independent Voter For: Biden/Harris 2020

  40. Avatar

    The tanking economy, over 211,000 people dead…ALL on Trump. He's POTUS. Had it been anybody else, they'd be forced to own it. MAGA is a cult. People are throwing common sense to the wayside for a ride on some imaginary trip to Mayberry, USA…a place that does not, nor did it ever exist.

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