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Trump campaign is requesting foreign policy be added to debate topics

Trump 2020 national press secretary Hogan Gidley joins Martha MacCallum to discuss Trump’s debate strategy. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Trump didn’t shut down businesses. That was Governors.

  2. Avatar

    Campaigns are all about persuading the undecided.

  3. Avatar

    Martha another Left Hack!

  4. Avatar

    She says trump playing defense he says not playing defense then go on 2 say he defending what he won 🤣🤣🤣 I just listen in amaze weigh these same oh people

  5. Avatar

    Don’t “request”, Demand it! The left gets everything they ask for plus help from dishonest media. Demand your rights

  6. Avatar

    absolutley should be.

  7. Avatar

    Won’t that just be hilarious! And just who will be answering Foreign Policy questions put to trump? If he’s to answer, will he have his pet lawyer Bill Barr at his side. Won’t matter because every time he opens his mouth he incriminates himself.

  8. Avatar

    Martha belongs at CNN

  9. Avatar

    Martha, you need to chill out. Keep on going down this path and you’ll soon be as bad as Chris Wallace.

  10. Avatar

    Yep early voting has Trump ahead, and as we continue to vote he will pull further ahead. We as disgusted Americans, Republicans, disenfranchised Democrats, and Independents like myself are going to come out in record numbers. To send a strong message that we are not going to stand for the corruption and dirty dealing of these swamp monsters in DC. Trump was elected because he is not a politician (traditional career type). Trump2020

  11. Avatar

    Of course they're excluding foreign policy. Foreign policy is the Trump Administration's strongest selling point.

  12. Avatar

    Fox News is almost as bad as CNN.

  13. Avatar

    Make it fare, put two moderators up one picked by each candidate for the other and make it the new standard. Keep debates fare and real

  14. Avatar

    I'm a registered dem Voting for the Republican party. All red.

  15. Avatar
    Make America Great Again

    Let’s face it.. Dr. Fauchi is creepy! He’s just as much a politician as the swamp is! We “hired” Trump to fix this mess. Nobody in the World is better qualified to run the USA 🇺🇸

  16. Avatar

    Demonicrates 🤥🙄😬

  17. Avatar

    Orange man should donate his plasma to save others!!!

  18. Avatar

    Pres. Trump didn't shut down the country: Governors did. If the decision was being made by the President, you wouldn't have states still in lockdown! He asked people to restrict their extra-curricular activities, not work.

  19. Avatar

    One of the topics could be : “ why the F are there so many illegal aliens in California ?”

  20. Avatar

    Martha shut up, thx.

  21. Avatar
    Christina Huntnlady

    Red wave New Mexico!

  22. Avatar
    Alfred Vallejos jr.

    Lieing fake racist corrupt fox News playing politics again go do the weather

  23. Avatar

    0:40 my whole life changed because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  24. Avatar

    Foreign policies, you mean the US being a laugh in the world, you mean at top meetings world leaders are just laughing about Trump. This is why we call it moron country nowdays.

  25. Avatar

    Better not, except the wellknown dictators nobody in the foreign countries likes him.

  26. Avatar

    See that’s all it is it’s all the same Covid Covid Covid Covid increase OK maybe so but I don’t hear a whole lot of dying

  27. Avatar

    Yeah I’m getting pretty tired of Martha

  28. Avatar

    I wonder if the rate of flu infections are increasing in a number of states as we move later into autumn as well? And other types of illnesses? Of course they are. That's what happens. Every year.

  29. Avatar

    Who is this Blonde on fox news?.. she don't like Trump!.. A CNN VIXEN IN FOX CLOTHING?..

  30. Avatar

    Fox News is following in CNN's footsteps .

  31. Avatar

    Joe wearing the wire this time …?

  32. Avatar

    Am I listening to Fox News or CNN/MSNBC? Holy crap, Trump gets shat on from all sides, including the right. Go Figure.

  33. Avatar

    No, foreign policy was always there. They took the topic away

  34. Avatar

    Martha, one day your beauty will disappear but not your rudeness!

  35. Avatar

    Marth McCallum cannot show her anti Trump bias! Surely she can't expect traitorous Biden to win!

  36. Avatar

    Everything about Covid 19 was/is completely new. "Following the science" is the blind leading the blind.

  37. Avatar

    What a rude abrupt nasty piece of work she is!

  38. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a crook!

  39. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people!

  40. Avatar

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession!

  41. Avatar

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession!

  42. Avatar

    Martha is a CNN wanna-be TV host. $10 says she will be switching jobs to CNN after this election.

  43. Avatar

    Trump doesn't have covid this time. HE WILL BE THE MODERATOR!@

  44. Avatar

    Last debate the poor guy had covid. Thrilla in manill part 2 coming lol

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