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Trump campaign claims they found out about virtual debate in a tweet

Trump 2020 Press Secretary Hogan reacts to virtual debate change. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Funny how the FBI protects Whitmer, but they try and arrest Trump

  2. Avatar

    Is there ever a day when Donnie isn’t whining?

  3. Avatar

    This video is chopped/edited up for some reason??!!

  4. Avatar

    wow… fox chopping up the clip. 1:00 2:25 fox is part of the DS now.. so is harris.

  5. Avatar

    Well Biden found out he was possibly exposed to trumps covid from a tweet so … fair

  6. Avatar
    Randall Bermudez

    Donald Trump is a crook!

  7. Avatar
    Randall Bermudez

    Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people!

  8. Avatar
    Randall Bermudez

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession!

  9. Avatar
    Randall Bermudez

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession!

  10. Avatar

    I guess that's no problem ! Since Trump fires people on Twitter , calls for arms to white supremacist , spread misinformation etc…. So guys trump lives in Twitter…

  11. Avatar

    So the idiot who is always tweeting hates learning things through tweets?


  12. Avatar

    Aren't tweets the way trump communicate?

  13. Avatar
    Edmund mcwilliams

    You gotta admit, Trump being infectious with covid 19 is kind of sexy. Imagine being infected with covid by President Trump. HOT!

  14. Avatar

    Our amazing Presindent has won Nobel Prize 2020

  15. Avatar

    CULT Quack Quack Trump in desperation.
    Defending INJECT BLEACH MORON Quack Quack Trump is fantastic to watch.
    lol lol lol

  16. Avatar

    Sleepy Joe Hiden wants to have a virtual debate from his basement. So he can read from a teleprompter or use an earpiece.

  17. Avatar

    Trump is contagious and lets be honest is losing his marbles.😏

  18. Avatar

    Trump in a virtual debate would be like an old granny debating a professor, with trump as the granny. Trump can't debate no-one, he would not win a debate against a rock.

  19. Avatar

    So Trump took a medication that was developed from cells taken from an embryo available from an elected abortion. If only every American could have a hospital, IC unit and full medical team in their residents. Trump the disgusting moron narcissist prepared to risk other people's lives in order to show off, lie and con some more.

  20. Avatar
    Exhibitionist Yoga Pants

    So the king of tweeting very important global sensitive American business (and insults, lies, and W power videos) is upset because he was informed by Twitter? Ironic.

  21. Avatar

    217,738 deaths 7,833,763 covid cases after the WH took control of hospital data from the CDC, 1000 Americans dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' Trump has covid is fake news so that he does'nt have to debate Biden again and talk about his non payment of tax..

  22. Avatar
    Franklin Benjamin

    Trump doesn’t want to drop another 2pts. after another disastrous debate. Biden has been out fundraising him since June.

  23. Avatar

    Joe Biden is the swamp.
    Kamala is the swamp creature.

  24. Avatar

    How ironic.

  25. Avatar

    Donald John Trump is a Sociopath:

    * Often goes against the law or social norms.

    * Lies and cheats regularly.

    * Is impulsive and does not make plans for the future.

    * Is not concerned about the safety of others.

    * Tends to use violence and become aggressive.

    * Is irresponsible and unable to meet financial obligations.

    * Has no regrets or guilt.

  26. Avatar

    I can't stand this man

  27. Avatar

    They should protect their canidate

  28. Avatar

    The Cleveland Clinic put Trump and his staff on the honor System concerning when they tested negative the last time for the virus. Trumps team said they arrived too late to go through the test that the Cleveland Clinic required. Trump and his team continue to go about doing things in such a way that they shouldn't be honored or trusted.

  29. Avatar

    Biden's ex-intern as "moderator"? Are they kidding?
    Leftists have no ethics.

  30. Avatar

    The virus can travel through the air. Trump can spray it to everyone there during the debate. If Biden gets it, no chance to stay alive until the election.

  31. Avatar

    What's so big about finding out via tweet. Past 4 years the entire US administration got to know what Trunp wants from Tweet.

  32. Avatar

    yea right dummy…it's all a plot to stop the great JACKASS pretend emperor/dictator from speaking

  33. Avatar

    Biden Loves his Basement and Flash Cards

  34. Avatar

    It's completely expected now for DemoRATS the change the rules on everything against Trump. Outrage has turned into just laughter on how pathetic they have become.

  35. Avatar

    Trump is always doing virtual stuff with Fox and with Twitter. And look how all these press spokespeople are down with Covid19.

  36. Avatar

    This guy is another liar. And of course foreign-owned Fox helps out.

  37. Avatar

    The Democrat Corruption Mobs Got To Go.

  38. Avatar

    Sgt. Bone Spurs, our Draft Dodger in Chief blaming Gold Star Families for spreading COVID what a shameful hypocrite.

  39. Avatar

    Pathetic, just like his supporters.

  40. Avatar

    More lies,from Trump..typical

  41. Avatar

    Yah ! That’s how Biden campaign found out too ! It’s call equality of Law ! He doesn’t work for WH !
    Good decision

  42. Avatar

    How many militia groups have emerged since Donald Trump has taken office?

  43. Avatar

    Pence did not answer the much more relevant question about when the Trump administration would have a healthcare plan that covers people with preexisting conditions. Wasn't this supposed to be done on Day 1! And where is the Wall that Steve Bannon has been indicted for running a scam to fund? I saw that the couple of miles that have been built are falling victim to erosion. What about the exploding budget deficit?

  44. Avatar

    Trump is very sick with COVID-19 and can't even do a virtual debate. He's saying he'll only debate in person in the hope that Biden backs out. Biden must call Trump's bluff!

  45. Avatar


  46. Avatar

    Trumps Saudi loan zero interest!

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