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Trump calls Mueller a conflicted person after his speech

In a stunning admission on Thursday, Donald Trump said on Twitter that Russians who interfered with the 2016 presidential contest between him and Hillary Clinton were ‘helping me get elected’ – but he walked that statement back minutes later. ‘Russia did not get me elected. You know who got me elected? You know who got me elected? I got me elected,’ the president told reporters at the White House, pointing a finger back at this own face. ‘Russia didn’t help me at all. Russia, if anything, I think, helped the other side,’ he said.

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  1. Avatar

    What an idiot . Rambling on like a lunatic full of sound and fury. Dear oh dear. Like a schoolboy found cheating.

  2. Avatar

    I think Mr.Mueller is on the side of the deep state.

  3. Avatar

    I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mueller is crazy with resentment!

  4. Avatar

    'some of worst humans on Earth!' So get them GITMOED!

  5. Avatar

    I’m sorry, I try, I know he’s a buffoon, but I like him!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Avatar

    "Lickl grumpy trumpy having a lickl tantrum in the garden" new title for you

  7. Avatar

    Here's the thing Donald … You could not even testify on your own behalf because you would have pergured yourself by lying to hide your crimes .
    Mueller was investigating while you and your cronies tried to disassemble the FBI, CIA and anyone who might uncover the truth . I don't believe anything you say because it's all just one big bowl movement . Mueller might have found out more if it wasn't for your obstructing interference. You are the enemy of the people !
    Trumpo !

  8. Avatar

    Weirdo in Chief of the US. triggered by the phrase 'Never Trumpers' and the word 'impeachment'. What a snowflake.

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