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Trump, Biden virtually participate in dinner held by Archdiocese of NY

The Archdiocese of NY holds its annual Al Smith dinner remotely this year.

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  1. Avatar
    Randall Bermudez

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession!!

  2. Avatar
    Randall Bermudez

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession!!

  3. Avatar

    I’m an atheist… but I’m praying for you Mr. President. I heard you got covid… i thought you looked/sounded like you weren’t feeling well, now watching this, seeing you not showing weakness no matter what. Knowing how bad you must feel right now… get some rest Mr. President. My vote isn’t going anywhere. I will walk through 50 miles over hot coals wearing barbed wire shoes through a tornado and acid rain to vote for you. I’ve always loved my country, i served, but you are the first president I’ve ever been proud of. Keep draining the swamp. Weed them all out.

  4. Avatar

    Finally, something positive about this president

  5. Avatar

    Ha. The entire administration apparently caught covid. Enjoy the "hoax" trump.

  6. Avatar

    Well, either President Trump's toast / speech was pre-recorded, and badly edited, or the Cardinal of Wi-Fi, through divine intervention, censored him. By God!

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    “The collection plate” via Venmo. That is the most important thing to their entire charade.

  10. Avatar

    How does that work? Is it a takeaway or a send out?

    Or do they eat virtual food?

  11. Avatar

    check out the closed captions on fox's 'how is covid test going to affect the campaign'. Its like they arnt even speaking english at this point but some wild gibbering only the truly loyal can understand, but googles closed captioning can pick up on the demonic screaming

  12. Avatar

    China just gave trump a virus lol

  13. Avatar

    Im not a church guy and i might be wrong about this… but i feel like these people are full of crap and i dont think priest read off something when they speak..

  14. Avatar

    Didn’t they just file for bankruptcy?

  15. Avatar

    As we lay RBG from the ashes will rise ACB!

  16. Avatar

    I like people who don't caught corona virus – Pres. Trump.

  17. Avatar

    T❤️R ❤️U ❤️M ❤️P

  18. Avatar

    Joe Biden =kryminela

  19. Avatar

    Biden, what have you done for 46 years of your Democrats? War in Iraq, Pakistan, Avghanistan, pedophilia, child trafficking, the list of your crimes is God's dimension.

  20. Avatar

    T🇺🇸R 🇺🇸U 🇺🇸M 🇺🇸P
    ❤️🇺🇸Trump 2020 – 2024 🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️

  21. Avatar

    Covid in his kaka hole Trump.

  22. Avatar
    Christine Marshall

    That guys transition to power statement along with his soar loser statement was sinister and shows that politics is a sham and unfair he knows that trump isnt gonna be president because they picked some9ne elso its in his soar loser statement how is he a soar loser if he hasnt lost yet your al smith didnt lose and trump didnt lose yet theres still hope beyond your power. Or dont you believe in god? God is alive in the people. He predicts in his mind that trump is a soar loser beca7se he already knows the out come and he aint a soar loser if the establisment dont want him.the people want him and the world wants him. Because you and your establisment knows something or not doesnt mean anything but your sinister the people are sinister that make fun of someone they put in and take out and pick and make fun and mock him because you controled the system and outcome

  23. Avatar

    No discussion on leaving the little boys alone so whatever

  24. Avatar

    This was boring and unnecessary. Without the gentle ribbings its just another campaign speech

  25. Avatar

    Definition of dummy: knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing Trump lies.

  26. Avatar

    Nice the feeling of seeing UNITY, HARMONY and PEACE before the grace of GOD 🙏

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