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Trump, Biden debate in final face-off of 2020 presidential election | Full

Watch live on Thursday, Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. ET: President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden face off in a debate moderated by NBC News’ Kristen Welker.

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  1. Avatar

    Lord forgive me, my blood pressure rises from anger when Biden talks.

  2. Avatar

    This debate in a nutshell:
    "NO U!"

  3. Avatar
    Chanara Casey Richmond

    Let's all pretend we didn't see the video of you bragging about your Ukraine quid pro quo.

  4. Avatar

    Biden's last answer sounded very rehearsed.

  5. Avatar

    As far as Trump not doing anything for me personally with health care, at least with him eliminating the mandate I no longer have to be fined $100 a month for not being able to pay for health care (that is limited in my state beyond what I can afford) as well as being fined $100 a month for 3 years in a row for not being able to even get into the system of Obamacrap, sorry I meant Obamacare 🙄

  6. Avatar

    Joe should go to senior house or jail and not to the white house!!!

  7. Avatar

    Keep on going, Mr. President! I will be voting for you come November 03! 4 more years of MAGA!!!

  8. Avatar

    Biden = fear, fear, fear. Trump = truth, truth, truth.

  9. Avatar

    Both could have done better!…. No one really answer the questions…. But Trump needs to go you are fired we see how you ran for four years horrible his time is up…. they both make more things more complicated life shouldn't be that complicated give us better pay we work the jobs they need us… give us our money lower the rent make the world and life a fordable and a better place Amen… Biden is okay but his vice president Shoulda ran to be the president we need someone Young… People like to make things more complicated for absolutely no reason Amen…. we don't just need health care we need affordable living an affordable life.🙏

  10. Avatar

    Biden: I’m going to be an American President to the United States not blue states and red states. I will reach across the aisle.

    Trump: why didn’t you get Criminal Justice reform/ DACA passed in your 8 years in office?

    Biden: There was a Republican Congress.

    Me: What a joke! 🤦🏻

  11. Avatar

    Message from Australia How can the USA even consider this Biden grosly corrupt deviant character as the person in charge of the USA?I do not get it all other than it is the resurgence of the debauched horrid Caesars.

  12. Avatar
    Ann Gabrielle Jaques

    Lol. You don't tell the truth Biden!!!!

  13. Avatar

    Biden has gone so far left, Trump could have used him as a can opener at this debate…

  14. Avatar

    Oh, Joe's going to make it clear!!
    What's he going to do draw a line in the sand?

  15. Avatar

    She waited till the tail end to start cutting Trump off and letting Biden finish. Way more subtle bias throughout, but still bias.

  16. Avatar

    biden ''i dont see it as the way he does, blue states and red states i as all the united states'' then right AFTER he says '' and look at the states that had such a spike in corona virus cases, they are the red states''
    i cant beleive there are people actually voting for him

  17. Avatar

    Biden knows quite a bit about walking and chewing gum LOL

  18. Avatar

    It's a brand new virus that President Trump listened to the doctors on and made the best decisions possible. Biden places blame where it doesn't belong but doesn't present a valid solution any different than what is already being done aside from everyone wearing masks which will ultimately cause more problems. His goals of separation is just ways to divide the country more so, one of the starts of communism. The more he talks the more lies come spewing out. Pure evil, I hope he gets what's coming to him. Not to mention that he and the biased moderator interrupts Trump. Trump was debating two people again, in this debate.

  19. Avatar
    crossknight29 Field

    Trump had that Biden a*".

  20. Avatar

    Biden is deflecting from the hard drive people are so whack to think Biden could handle oval and obviously are voting for kamala harris… they did spy… trump was the best of the best u til he ran for president… for those of you that hate trump… socialism is going to be a lot worse than trump…

  21. Avatar

    Dems peddle emotions over logic it's so condescending and draining😓😑🙃

  22. Avatar

    Joe, "China is going to pay the price"…… Uh, how much Joe and is Hunter going to be collecting it for you?

  23. Avatar

    Come on Joe. You really are a liar

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