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Trump bans all TikTok, WeChat downloads in US

The Trump administration announced Friday morning that it will ban Chinese-owned messaging and payment app WeChat effective Sunday and block new downloads of video-sharing app TikTok on the same day.

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  1. Avatar


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    Welcome to the People's Republic of America, where governments ban what they want to and tell you what you can and can't see, hear or do.

  3. Avatar

    I'm from the US, I'm happy about this, ban all china out of USA

  4. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a crook

  5. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people

  6. Avatar

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession

  7. Avatar

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession

  8. Avatar

    Cancel culture? China stealing our dance moves?

  9. Avatar

    A bit too late. it was fun while it lasted, the cringe tok

  10. Avatar

    i thought oracle bought tiktok-

  11. Avatar

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! ANOTHER VICTORY FOR THE PEOPLE!!! This was the right decision. Get rid of it completely.

  12. Avatar

    You can still access tiktok with a VPN server or a proxy server and the US government doesn't spy on you.

  13. Avatar

    And I know perfectly that's smart move and nothing else.

  14. Avatar

    I think we should go right down India's list of banned made in China apps and do the same.. bust out the banhammer. And not a soft van like what's being done with tiktok & wechat – a straight up ban of every app that's coded by China where every large company is CCP government owned or controlled.

    Apps that are not China's intellectual property will take the reigns of their IP in the USA. Pubg mobile corp (south Korean) is doing it in India.

    Also think we should kick tencent out of Activision.

  15. Avatar

    In before everyone realizes you can download a VPN and watch TikTok on a foreign countries servers.

  16. Avatar

    Trump finally does something I agree with, but you know he 100% did it because he's mad at the teenagers who trolled him. Not because of Chinese data collection, Lord knows he wouldn't do anything about it if that was the only problem.

  17. Avatar

    This will be the best thing to happen 2020

  18. Avatar

    Great news! Thank you President Trump.

  19. Avatar

    GOOD. One of the best President Trump decision. M A G A

  20. Avatar

    Millennials will go crazy. Wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy.

  21. Avatar

    Welcome to the Banana Republik or tRumpistan. Where only local agencies and companies are allowed to spy on people.

  22. Avatar

    Trump did a right thing, get rid of this viruses.
    Google, Facebook, Youtube were banned by Chinese Government without any reason.

  23. Avatar
    Yefune Kenizi's PC Gaming

    Ah, so that's why TikTok (and Candy Crush …) self auto-installed on my mobile device at about 9 am est. I of course immediately uninstalled both apps!

  24. Avatar

    Best President in at least 100 years!

  25. Avatar
    Marvin deras deras

    Tic tock pls no band

  26. Avatar

    Doesn’t this guy have anything better to do, like idk helping with unemployment or something? Seriously I can’t believe he’s our president 😂😂

  27. Avatar

    I’m not voting for him but it’s smart move

  28. Avatar

    On YouTube In Britain, adverts for TikTok have increased over the last few days. They're desperately trying to get everyone to download it here.

  29. Avatar
    Canadian wafflz YT

    TRUMP 2020!

  30. Avatar

    Good riddance I say , am I right ?

  31. Avatar

    Facebooks azz up next! Or call it Life Log Brought to you by the cia! 😂 Keep Pushin!

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