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Trump backtracks debate comments on white supremacists after facing criticism

In a chaotic first presidential debate, U.S. President Donald Trump was asked to condemn white supremacy and instead told the far-right group Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

Trump’s mention of the Proud Boys, an alt-right group that promotes anti-immigration rhetoric, seemed to have “legitimized and emboldened the group,” according to Richard Moon, a law professor at the University of Waterloo who specializes in hate speech and freedom of expression.

As Jackson Proskow reports, he tried to walk-back the controversial comment, but the damage was already done.

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  1. Avatar

    Trump's denounced white supremacy for years – lots of videos on that. The Proud Boys leader is Hispanic. Biden fought for segregation, is endorsed by Richard Spencer, and told C tha god that he ain't black. But msm is just stupid.

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    Exploring with cat

    I'm not a fan of Trump or Biden but what you just said about Trump is a lie.When asked would you condemn white supremacist he said "sure" and then he said"who do you want me to condemn give me a name and I will condemn them" chris wallace said "proud boys" and trump said "okay proud boys stand down and stand by" and then Trump said "Joe do you condem antifa" and joe laughed and said "antifa isn't a group,its an idea"
    Please stop lying global.Go watch the video for yourself guys you will see this is a blatant lie.

  3. Avatar

    Seems global can not do their due diligence,. More of an activist channel now. Should be ashamed they took turdeau's 600 million dollar mocking bird media platform money…… People know….. They think people are dumb.

  4. Avatar

    Yet there Trump was, attacking Ilhan Omar last night and how she had no right to tell Americans about "their" country

  5. Avatar

    I'm a white supremacist, if you have brown eyes I won't even talk to you. It's like I'm looking into your rear end. I only talk to pure people with blue eyes.

  6. Avatar

    So why wasn't Biden asked to condemn BLM Organization and ANTIFA why is it only trump that has to condemn groups should be both ways but like always global only shows one side wish they were fair and showed both sides.

  7. Avatar

    As touched on in the debate, cultural-Marxist ideology is indeed a subversive threat to western civilization as it pushes society toward an authoritarian communist state. This 'anti-racism' movement has become like a new anti-white/anti-western religion. It's very racist, destructive and dishonest, the way it casts individuals into group based on immutable characteristics, sets up false narratives as to so-perceived power struggles between said groups. And it seeks to demoralize the white majority by conditioning them to believe that they're inherently racist and 'privileged', to hate their own culture and act to 'dismantle' it, based on a distorted view of history and reality. Upon non-whites, it perpetuates a sense of victimhood which infantilizes and absolves individual responsibility.

  8. Avatar

    As we know these newscasts are all Trudeaus personal ignorant ,racist,personal opinions that have no basis in fact.

  9. Avatar

    Proud boys fight communism every day not encourage it like some uninformed morons we all know.

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    The ProudBoys were a relatively unknown men's group up until the debate. Now they're front and centre, and the media is trying to spin it against them. When really, they're just a group of guys in Fred Perrys drinking beer and chest bumping…

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    This is propaganda

  12. Avatar

    They don't want Trump to press Joe with real questions!

  13. Avatar

    GlobalNews continue attacking our honourable president!

  14. Avatar

    how do proud boys exist and antifa doesnt?

  15. Avatar

    This guy thinks he's so smart by saying he doesn't know who the proud boys are lmfaoo

  16. Avatar

    Wow this is propaganda

  17. Avatar
    Victoria Alvarez

    Trump 2020 Love from

  18. Avatar

    The problem with Trump and many of his supporters is they put being right over being effective. In order to be effective you have to have compassion for the people you are trying to convince. It doesn't matter how right you are if its not effective. Disrespecting the audience only causes division and chaos. When people yell their facts and name call, the audience does not leave on their side..in fact the opposite, they want to distance themselves… Not that he'd ever realize compassion could win him an election and calm the chaos.

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    The Senators still supporting this racist and Covid spreading President must be voted out of office too! 🔵

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    Biden and the democrat party not only wont condemn Antifa as a terrorist group but support it and encourage rioting, looting,vadelism, destroying property and burning buildings and violence and killings or shooting cops.
    And of course BLM another violent group.

    President Trump ended all the wars in the Middle East and made peace with U.A.E and Bahrain. Saved American lives and saved America 500 billion dollars. No One word was mentioned from the leftist hatefilled Media like CNN MSNBC NBC ABC NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON COMPOST and Other sick leftist media.

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