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Trump 'At Risk For A Bad Outcome' After Testing Positive For COVID-19 | NBC News

Dr. Vin Gupta speaks with Brian Williams about some of the risk factors President Trump faces concerning his own health and testing positive for the coronavirus.
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Trump ‘At Risk For A Bad Outcome’ After Testing Positive For COVID-19 | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Bad outcome??? The only bad outcome for him would that he would get better. The good outcome would be he will become part of the 210k

  2. Avatar

    It’s either he does have it, or he doesn’t and is using it as an excuse to resign because he knows the odds are not in his favor..

  3. Avatar

    don't worry donald, it goes away like a miracle. thoughts and prayers.

  4. Avatar

    Stand behind your president, it would be horrible for Trump or Biden to die from this virus. Don't forget Biden and Trump and their groups were together backstage before the debates. A mask does not stop one from getting the virus, it limits chances of spread.
    China has now infected the president of the US, how is this funny to anyone?

  5. Avatar
    Luz Aurora Correa Mari


  6. Avatar

    Anyone laughing that the president of the United States is sick is simply not an American.

  7. Avatar

    Has anybody earned the Melania double? Yiikes

  8. Avatar

    Have him pop some HCQ for the Democratic hoax virus… What do have to lose Donnie…

  9. Avatar

    Our Honorable President Trump will ONLY be battling the “CHINESE FLU* with Sputnik V, hydroxychloroquine, and drinking bleach. God Bless Our America! & VOTE!

  10. Avatar

    Watch closely…Designated Survivorcould end up being….drum roll…Nancy Pelosi.

  11. Avatar

    He’s going to have a little fever and tummy ache for a few days. Move on…

  12. Avatar

    Just change your channel to fear mongering and propaganda. It’s nit news. It’s opinion.

  13. Avatar

    The fact that Trump openly claimed to have covid, instead of trying to hide it, makes it seem very likely that he is faking having covid to get out of having to debate Biden again. In the next debate, they were going to give the moderator the ability to shut off the candidates' mics if they were breaking the rules. Trump knows that he would end up looking like a fool ranting and raving without his mic on. He would rather fake having covid than debate under those rules.

  14. Avatar

    Hello Karma.
    I ❤️ you.

  15. Avatar

    I smell a rat. He’s faking it so he can justify cancelling the November election.

  16. Avatar
    Amber Baak-Shields

    Why would the president tweet his covid-19 results instead of addressing
    the nation? Nothing has ever stopped him before from having an
    "emergency news conference." Such a coward.

  17. Avatar

    Trump is transparent with his health issue. Now it is Biden's turn to come clean with his health issue.

  18. Avatar
    Don’t Tread On me

    And here come all the stupid liberals celebrating that he got it 😂

  19. Avatar

    It's a hoax 😤. Trump doesn't wanna face Biden in the second debate 😦😳😵

  20. Avatar

    the doctor goes off script of doctoring? now the doctor is a political pundant of how the president has been doing his job wrong? IS THIS A JOKE? Are we getting punked? This is not a real doctor… if he is… where does he practice? Does he still have a job after his bad mouthing our United States President? SHAME ON NBC NEWS! AT A TIME OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY YOU GO THERE?! satan's messenger hot on the heels of someone with covid? shame on you!!!

  21. Avatar

    As you all know, we have in the WH the WH supremacist-thieves, running, running, and killing our people, these are the bloodthirsty Putin’s goals and theirs too. Mitch McConnell, and Bill Barr are the two major Nazi leaders working under trump and Putin to direct the WH supremacist regiment to attack and destroy our country, and to kills us all. They all hate Americans very much since their families and them immigrated to America. Bloodthirsty Putin have a large cybercrime mob/cartels regiment to destroy us. Including all the Putin’s and Trump’s dictators allies. They all are preparing something really bad for us in the next coming days. That’s is why crazy-Nazi trump is faking his Covid-19. We need to be “ In Red Alert” 🚨 and prepare for their coming attacks. Maybe Putin, and Trump have lethal weapons ready to attack us. They know trump is losing his presidency, so they ready to attack us soon. Remember, pathological-psychopath trump and Putin never loss, they always win. That is their philosophy. Remember, how Hitler killed the Jews, well they ready to do the same to us.

  22. Avatar

    This is Trump lying people are dying

  23. Avatar

    The Trump reality distortion field is powerless against reality?

    Surprise surprise

  24. Avatar

    He gets what he deserves, Covid-19 do your job and do it well.

  25. Avatar

    I like presidents who don't catch coronavirus 😂

  26. Avatar

    Ha ha ha ha I guess Darwinism kicked in lol

  27. Avatar

    Life is cheap in trump world, burn.

  28. Avatar

    Doc says don't get your Hope's up.

  29. Avatar
    Mark Reman Hamilton

    If he suffers a half million times more than the rest of us, all good.

  30. Avatar

    the continued patterns of fake news like the polls! remember 2016 elections had hilarious winning hands down in every poll, and the manufactured crisis one after the other, Russia collision lie, the attempt with made up out of thin air charges for three years now DNC offers Death as a venue for politics endorsed by the DNC who also offer threats and violence even murder as a tool to win elections, are they really representing America?

  31. Avatar

    truth is that 99.5% of everyone who tests positive for the virus will not for from the virus that's a worldwide fact that can't be disputed that Doctor knows this also viruses, are 1000 times smaller than bacteria with cloth or paper mask the virus travels that material like a water hose through fence line now folks say no it stops the spit well a droplet in airconditioning drys faster, then you have the virus intact blowing around the room fact! also the same outside, and there is scientific data about how bad it is to inhale carbon dioxide all day changes the blood PH making it acidic creating opportunistic health issues

  32. Avatar

    Came in for the comments, not disappointed. I needed to read , then laugh out loud. You can’t fix stupid… and bullies never see it coming. It’s time to read the tweets of a crazy man in lock down , a scared mean man in a corner, poor Cujo.

  33. Avatar

    Now Doctors are showing their ture colours on the President

  34. Avatar

    trump should pull through its only mild

  35. Avatar

    This is Biden’s only chance at getting elected. They will be ok.

  36. Avatar

    “Business” and not profession? Accurate.

  37. Avatar

    Good, he can see their plight, firsthand. His foolishness is just like his supporters, and, it is what it is.

  38. Avatar

    Thoughts and prayers. I just won't say for what result.

  39. Avatar

    Did this real that Trump has been diagnosed positive for Covid-19? This guy has proved himself many times that nothing can be believed easily coming from his mouth. He might have secret agenda for this gimmick too. When his rating was collapsing to zero after his debate debacle; he can do anything to change the subject and sudden fall.

  40. Avatar

    president pandemic.

  41. Avatar

    LMFAO Tick Tock Traitor

  42. Avatar
    Drayman Mangaron

    If he starts telling the truth rush him immediately to the Emergency Room.

    Tell the hospital China will pay all his medical expenses.

  43. Avatar
    Theophilus adeolu Haastrup

    Could they have been infected by democratic party or Umar, give them hydrochloroquine which he already discovered himself 🤣🤣🤣🤣😜

  44. Avatar

    One foot in his mouth, the other.. In The Twilight Zone.. More status quo b.s from the white house. Trust nothing they say or do.

  45. Avatar

    Now is the time to put aside political differences and show Trump the same compassion and decency he showed to an ailing John McCain.

  46. Avatar

    Orange Covid Patient: "I'm in a covid quarantine, and Mexico is going to pay for it."

  47. Avatar

    Orange makeup is a covid risk factor.

  48. Avatar

    No sympathy for the devil.

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