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Trump as Acosta resigns: This was him, not me, because I'm with him

Labour secretary Alexander Acosta is resigning following criticism of his handling of a plea deal with wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, who has been accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls. US president Donald Trump announced the news on Friday with Acosta by his side at the White House as Trump left on a trip to the Midwest.
Alex Acosta resigns as US labor secretary following Epstein plea deal scandal
Trump labor secretary Alex Acosta resigns amid Epstein plea deal scandal – US politics live

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    Thank you, Mr. Acosta for your service to America. The righteous are known by the Lord.

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    I like trump, but Acosta got a child predator out of jail, look it up, like seriously

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    Funny how Acosta wants attention to be about America’s “fantastic economy” rather than his role in letting Epstein walk free to molest more kids.

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    If I was the former secretary of Labor, I would lawyer up because you're going to be indicted and sent to a federal penitentiary for what you did all those years ago to those children !

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    Another rat abandons the sinking ship "Loser Donald."

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    Come on. Admit it. Who else tuned into this because they thought journalist Jim Acosta had resigned and they were thrilled to death about it?

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    I wouldn't be surprised to find out Acosta is a child predator later down the line.

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    Trump probably participated in epsteins parties. That's why he hired Mr cover-up Acosta in the first place. Another 'fixer' lawyer around Trump

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    He's an Hispanic
    man? wtf. As an Hispanic woman I say FU Acosta

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    Yup, he’s going into hiding because the truth is catching up on him. Plus Trump doesn’t want his skeletons exposed either

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    Acosta resings ? Really ? When is Trump going to resign for all his alleged illegal acts ? IMPEACH, REMOVE AND PROSECUTE NOW

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