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Trump and Biden's final debate before Election Day, in 3 minutes

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden met for a debate on Oct. 22. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Trump is Hitler jim jones. And all the Evil that trump has. I cant stand a frkn. Liar. Trumpie little hands.

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    Joe biden is just as bad as trump maybe worse for that crime bill, I can't get past that. He sutter's everytime he's asked about it. That tore the black community to pieces

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    Lots of takeaways from last night’s debate this is the key moment tells us all we need to know and it was President Trump who provided the clarity…..
    President Trump, “You had eight years as vice president to do the things he claims he will do, why didn't he do it four-eight years ago. Why didn't you do that four years ago (Joe)? You (Joe) keep talking about all these things you're going to do and you're going to do this, but you were there just a short time ago, and you guys did nothing.
    I (Trump) did what I said I was going to do….We did our job, in fact, I ran because of you. I ran because of Barack Obama, because you did a poor job….you know who I am. You know who he is…..a talker not a doer.

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    I hope Biden brought up Trump’s Chinese bank account and his and Ivanka’s Chinese patents, won during his “presidency.”

    Trump wants to come up with a new health care plan? He been saying it would be ready in 2 weeks since 2019!

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    I would like to see anything of substance from djt.. what is his plans for health care?

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    Watch the full debate. We don’t need the news telling us how and what to think and feel. And especially who to vote for.

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    Im seeing a lot of people saying “biased” so here’s a thought:

    What if this video isn’t biased and trump actually failed to make a single good argument or properly answer the questions. Just a thought.

  9. Avatar

    played out of order

  10. Avatar

    Go with Trump win re election 2020_2024 and still president more 4 years.

  11. Avatar

    Trump win 2020_2024 bring lucky, happiness, successful, peaceful , property and a lot of jobs for everyone at the American and in the world too

  12. Avatar

    So who built the cages ?

  13. Avatar

    How does W.P. know Trump's claims about Biden's finances with Russia, Ukraine, and China are false? 🤔

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    You’re not a politician at all. You are however a failed talk show host and failed business owner. Everything you ever got was handed to you and you’re still in debt which is obviously why you’re grasping for straws right now. We saw your taxes moron and we know they’re not doctored. He is such a joke. I never thought the day would come where I said I hope Joe Biden is the president but that day has come and I pray that Trump really does move out of the country, then again who in the hell would have him..

  15. Avatar

    Horrible editing, and terribly biased.

  16. Avatar

    Biden is a hack

  17. Avatar

    Mrs joke Biden 😂😂😂

  18. Avatar

    This is corruption

  19. Avatar

    American doesnt need a President. We should stay single for a while. Just figure things out.

  20. Avatar
    California Cooking it up

    Every video ends with Joe Biden saying something this is so pointing to one person they’re brainwashing people trump 2020 people wake up God bless America

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    Trump bring a lot of jobs for American people as soon as possible more 4 years .

  22. Avatar

    WP FAKE NEWS , Trump DESTROYED the China puppet Biden !

  23. Avatar

    "C'mon man" how many times did Biden say that.

  24. Avatar

    This all about harris as vis president and gavin newsom as preisdent god help
    Us all.It's the end of the of the world.
    If this happend.Go trump 2020-2024

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