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Trump and Biden clash on race and Covid in final presidential debate before US election

Last night, all eyes were on the presidential debate set in Nashville, Tennessee, the home of country music. (Subscribe:

Any viewers expecting a shoot-out between Donald Trump and Joe Biden may have been disappointed, or relieved, thanks to the intervention of the mute button – or the fear of it.

Both candidates were saved from their own worst excesses, as seen in their first gladiatorial clash last month.

But did the Nashville debate change any minds in the trench warfare of this campaign, in which 52 million Americans have already voted?


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    if you love America you will vote for Trump.because democrats are selling America to China

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    no country is good in handling this pandemic so why blame it on Trump

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    Another bias shitpiece from ch4. Publicly owned yet serving the far left…

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    Tony Bobulinski will tell everything about Biden

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    They must be praying viewers don't get to hear the name Tony Bobulinski:

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    How many die from abortion and cigarettes and alcohol and poor nutrition

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    Make the world respect you again, do the right thing, you know it makes sense, vote Trump out.

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