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Trump administration moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the US Food and Drug Administration would be putting out “some very strong recommendations” regarding the use of flavored e-cigarettes in “a couple of weeks.”

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  1. Avatar

    CNN will do anything to villainize anything and everything trump

  2. Avatar

    They need to ban requiring an I D to buy cigarettes

  3. Avatar

    People are dying from guns as well 😡

  4. Avatar

    Ana Kasparian DUSTED that ass clown.

  5. Avatar

    Kid: "mum i want a vape"
    Mum: "sorry its banned have a ciggy Clarence"

  6. Avatar

    LMAO @ all the young vaping Slavic community down in Brooklyn who voted for him 😂

  7. Avatar

    CNN you highlighted my comment, just so you know I actually meant you fell in a trap.

  8. Avatar

    Immediately biased. Can't do nothing for praise with these anchors lol Either way, mass shootings are an anomaly statistically and smoking is not

  9. Avatar

    CNN as useful as the modern day mall. Rundown and empty of substance.

  10. Avatar

    0:55 woah wait a second how tf did we end up at gun control?

  11. Avatar

    When your dislikes r bigger than your likes…. Then your doing something wrong I'm not left or right but I'm not a moronic robot that believes headlines that they are the Lords word lol.

  12. Avatar

    At least you can still vap methamphetamine

  13. Avatar

    ban all smoking products
    Medicaid for all in 2020

  14. Avatar

    Gun violence and vaping I don't get it… The vaping cigarette don't go off shooting 40 50 people at one time… It's killed six and hundreds are sick…

  15. Avatar

    Conservatives: " people are getting sick from e-cigarettes, counterfeit Marijuana THC vape oils, and poor quality materials from china causing lung problems (inhalation of metal particulates from poor quality cheap filaments ), we would like to have a national discussion about this and perhaps come to some conclusion as to what can be done to deter children from consuming these fairly new , untested, and slightly dangerous products."

    This is why everyone thinks CNN is FAKE NEWS.
    It should actually be called FON FAKE OUTRAGE NEWS.
    Conservatives want to have a discussion about Gun Safety, Mental Health, Vapes, Food Safety, Trade, and we want to come to a conclusion that works for everyone.
    But we cant doit when the left continuously conflates all the problems into one giant incoherent ball of delusion and mass hysteria!
    Take it issue by issue, stop conflating and leveraging DUMB VIEWERS for votes, and start reporting the news instead of party propaganda, maybe if you do that you can SALVAGE SOME OF YOUR DIGNITY!
    These people hurt America so bad………. we could have such a nice reasonable country but they keep conflating issues and playing the blame game because they think it will get them more power and money. They have done it to such a degree, that they have forced the Right to stoop down to their level and fight fire with fire, its just stupid, if CNN wants to roll around in the mud, the right will roll around in the mud, but its just sad that we cant have a reasoned discussion about ANYTHING without it devolving into a mass hysteria about nothing!
    So Trump thinks disguising Vapes to taste and look like candy perhaps makes Nicotene products appealing to minors………… wow we really need to take this and blow it out of proportion lol?
    Trump literally stated the obvious and peoples heads flew off their shoulders and rocketed into outer space.

  16. Avatar

    Rediculous, this guy is a fk idiot. Cigarettes are okay? Fat country is fine. This is nuts

  17. Avatar

    Trump has hit a homerun with wanting to ban vaping for kids. Let adults vape their lungs out!

  18. Avatar

    I live in California and I can tell ya, in a state that puts Prop warnings on make-up and sunglasses causing cancer if you INGEST them, I'm sure Sacramento will hand out vapes to any kid that wants one.

    I approve of this ban. Remember when kids had cigarette candy? Generations of smokers were created. Flavored vaping geared towards kids is no bueno.

  19. Avatar

    Then fucking ban FLAVORED ALCOHOL hypocrite asshats…. Also CNN you're Fake News and a joke.

  20. Avatar

    The discussion needs to be had. These are not the right people. They are terrible. Do better Cuomo

  21. Avatar

    Cuomo definitely better not have a firearm with the threats he was giving to another person. He should be on the red flag 🚩 list.

  22. Avatar

    I agree!…trust me I don't like this man, but these vapes were no good from the get go!…..

  23. Avatar

    Funny you can ban a E cigarette but not fucken guns really bitch

  24. Avatar

    I think that Trump should ban flavoured cigarettes first before moving to electronic cigarettes. Also, why not impose a pictorial warnings on tobacco packs? UK has already had a plain packaging with graphic images and France did it too. We should also impose further federal taxes on cigarettes too. I would say it should increase at least 50 cents per pack.

  25. Avatar

    It’s the fake thc carts the street dealers are selling they cut it down with vitamin e acetate.
    Vaping and guns are not in the same boat .
    Prohibition never works

  26. Avatar

    Why are these people scared about a black market… Fuck, let law enforcement do their job and put them in prison too. She talks about nonviolent drug offenders…. My neighbor done 15 years in prison.. he's out on parole and they UA him… But he's not using he's selling… The system is all fucked up

  27. Avatar

    So what about cigarettes i think its a main cause to cancer but trump do nothing about it

  28. Avatar

    N I can't stand that tyt bitch they no better then the right they extreme n crazy

  29. Avatar

    God, the five-time draft dodging coward is such a fucking idiot.

  30. Avatar

    The Democrats could use the Spirit of Ann Richard's right now

  31. Avatar

    I knew CNN would be agains trump lmfao every time

  32. Avatar

    This is ridiculous. Even I support ending gun violence but I can tell they’re just pushing that agenda here. If this video is titled to be about the dangers of vaping, why am I listening to an arguement about gun violence? Messy.

  33. Avatar

    "in-contra–un-contra-vert-able"… Fredo has a way with words

  34. Avatar

    Guns protect people, e cigarettes dont, duh.

  35. Avatar

    lol they can ban flavoured e cigarettes but he won’t do a damn thing about gun violence

  36. Avatar

    Vaping isn’t a constitutional right, point blank.

  37. Avatar

    I wanna know about the vaping ban. It seems like i clicked on a video about vaping, i get 20 seconds of vape talk. And then a whole 8 minutes of how cnn hates the president, we know. I want to know how this will effect vapeing.

  38. Avatar

    Typical left wing media. They just turned a subject about e-cigarettes and to gun violence, claiming they are worried about kids lives, ….but yet they are the party that stands for abortion.

  39. Avatar

    Something I cannot comprehend, how the F*** CNN still have 7million Subscribers? That must be fake.

  40. Avatar

    Trump wants to ban e-cigs. A smart and long term plan for humanity. CNN finds a way to rub dirt on it. Honestly pathetic

  41. Avatar

    Most of these deaths were caused by pre existing conditions that the people had and the home made stuff they were smoking…

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