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Trump accidentally reveals part of his alleged secret deal

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon take a closer look at the paper President Donald Trump waved that he claimed contained a secret immigration deal with Mexico. #CNN #News

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    How are you guys an actual news station I wish you didn't have to lie just to get views

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    I just wondered something, don't the reporters work in the same building at the same time.

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    That was a cheeseburger wrapper!

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    Reminds me of the time he showed his birth certificate to prove his mother didn’t have sex with an orangutan.

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    Reminds me of the time he showed his birth certificate to prove his mother didn’t have sex with an orangutan.

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    The last Time "Spanky" had a "Secret Deal" with Mexico? It was "Spanky", pleading Mexico, to stop calling Him a Liar in Public!…… DEJA VU     🐘💤

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    the us is the BEST entertainment on the internet. For years they have been so critical of other countries and their govts of being stupid, unethical and corrupt…. the trump administration reveals how stupid and corrupt the americans are. All these years on their high horse, trying to make the rest of the world feel they are better than everyone else…. LMAO… they are the biggest comedy horror show on the internet!

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    Stop giving him air time already. Just cuz he is the president doesn’t mean shit. He is not worth it. He is toxic. If we can turn our backs on toxic family members I don’t see why we can’t do that with trump the clown 🤡

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    Why he does it? He thinks people will believe him. He has been with people who did not Call out his bluff for so long, he simply thinks he Can fool people

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    I love the Trump he's going to win in 2020 because he's doing a wonderful job and if the Democrats and liberals would just get off his back, he could do so much more for this country!💗💪😁☝

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    This peace of shit is just pathetic, like come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn people, 😂🤣🤣🤣. The only thing that would somewhat make this even a little bearable, is that his a fuckin idiot and we see right through his bs!!!

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    Take the word of a pathological lier!!!

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    Not a fucking a joke , how about when threats and secret papers dont work anymore and the SOB orders the ICBM's be armed with nuclear warheads

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    The old man wrote himself a letter just to keep his audiences happy.

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    Good luck all of you when the time comes

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    You have to agree, the con man is a master of marketing.

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    There has to be a hand up this guys ass, like up to the shoulder, who’s hand, don’t know but this is unreal. I really feel like this is not real life. Like we’re in the upside down of stranger things. Such a slap in the face of all of America this guy is. I pray this will be the end of the Republican Party.

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    No Secret Deal It's The Trump Administration McDonald's order!!!

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    Where was MSMs outrage over the Patriot Act?
    Where was MSMs outrage over the secret unconstitutional FISA courts against US Citizens?
    Where was MSMs outrage of Bush/Cheney invading Iraq on false pretenses of WMDs?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Jesse Smollet and his Prosecutors dealings to let him go?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Julian Assange facing 175 years in prison?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Obamas torturing of Bradley Maning?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Obamas cabinet being entirely chosen by the CEO of Citibank?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Obamas drone strikes that killed 2x more innocent people than even GW Bush?
    Where was MSM's outrage over Cheney and Haliburton, why is he still free?
    Where was MSMs outrage over the Bush familys connection to Osama Bin Laden?
    Where was MSMs outrage over US armed rebels joining ISIS?
    Where was MSMs outrage over the real reason for the Syrian War…Gas Pipelines to Europe
    Where was MSMs outrage over MS 13
    Where was MSMs outrage over Human Trafficking…this is a bigger problem than anything in the US
    WHere was MSMs outrage over Opioids?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Obama bailing out the banks?
    Where was the MSMs outrage over the fact that Obama and Clintons actions in overthrowing Gaddhafi in Lybia once Africas richest country turned it into a cesspool for ISIS and created the largest Human Open Air Slave Auction market in the 20th-21st century?
    Where was MSMs outrage over US citizens being kidnapped by Drug Cartels from US Territory?
    Where was MSMs outrage on the Clinton foundations share ownership of Lafarge Corp a French Multinational Arms dealer who sold weapons to radical islam?
    Where was MSMs outrage on the Clinton Foundations Uranium one deal to Russia?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Donald Rumsfeld?
    Where was MSMs outrage over Cheney outting undercover CIA Agent Valerie Plume cause she spoke out against the Deep State?
    Where was MSMs outrage over the outsourcing of US jobs overseas under Bush, and continued under Obama?
    Where was the MSMs outrage over NAFTA under Bill Clinton?
    Where was the MSMs outrage over the fact that KKK had MORE RALLIES and a bigger membership, were more violent and active under ALL PAST PRESIDENTS than Trump?????? Yes this is a FACT.

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    Two idiots, anti American news anchors.

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    Cant they keep them out stupid Trump "Doh" ~ ☝😂🤣☝

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    Enough of this basic bitch ass of joke. Its over lets move on. Focus on Buliding what he has destroyed in this Nation. PEACE.

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    That paper is indeed an agreement Trump made with Mexico.

    It says "Mexico will no longer pay for the wall."

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    What's cnn's secret deal with joe biden look like? $$$$$$

    🇺🇸BERNIE SANDERS 2020🇺🇸

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    Did he pull that piece of paper from under his shoe?!

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    This is such a moot point anyway. His supporters won't care if its real or not. This will be his "crowning achievement" in their eyes regardless of the validity or any real impact. Even if the "real impact" is laughably insignificant they will be touting over the "victory" they achieved. I have no idea what this secret agreement will pan out to be, no one does (probably, not even trump.) It might even actually be a real win for America for all we know. "A broken watch… bla bla bla." Focus on the facts and trump will make himself look like an idiot. It goes without fail.

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    You're president is seriously not well in his mind. Seriously, I have bipolar and am friends with Narcsistic Personally Disorder.
    He's on meds that help. When we talk about Trump he gets very serious. He finds him quite dangerous.. saying that he has ALL the traits and behaviours of someone with NPD. He is also a rascist, sexist homo/transphobic man. He also shirked his national service so many times saying aboit physical problems… but won't step up to the plate to prove it… what he alleges he had do not disappear! If he was a consiences objector then that would explain it. Maybe not in ways people like but he isn't. He's a feckin liar!
    And then over here.. the jackels are all baying for the Prime Minister shit storm that is the UK at the moment.
    I am Scottish.. yes I do want independence.
    I no longer class myself (if I can help ) because it's embarasing and I do not recognise the union flag anymore.
    The world is fucked up with nowhere to go.

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    This reminds me when Trump brings on stage reems and reems of paper and says here's my taxes. a bunch of blank paper, and two years later we still have not seen his taxes, just like we will never see a deal. The deal is Mexico will decide in 45 days if they will make a deal. This is just like the signed North Korea deal, Trump "we have a deal with NK" North Korea "no we dont"

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    trump the bozo with a blank piece of paper, folded length-wise.

    his base laps it up.

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    Holy fuck this is absolutely disgraceful. I'm so embarrassed to have this bumbling tool for a president.

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    The93% of media swamp owned all say the same with the same agenda they lie

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    News used to Just be Reported. Not crit·i·cized on behavior, man·ner·ism, or Journalist Spin or bi·as     Times have Changed

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    Without the immigrants population gasoline is 43 cents a gallon, a house cost 60% less, 500%less in Los Angles, milk is half price, eggs cost 8 cents each, Beef 39%less, tomatoes 25% less.  OVERPOPULATION  makes you poor.  No more immigrants please.

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    That looks suspiciously like the paper that was stuck to the bottom of his shoe!! 🤣

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