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True beauty from the inside and out | ASUS S340MF

ASUS S340MF is a stylish family PC that brings you a full entertainment experience and makes everyday multitasking even smoother.

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    We want Zenfone 6 in Turkey!!!

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    Ik this is super expensive 😂

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    Another hotbox without proper intake airflow

  4. Avatar

    I have all of that in my Dell laptop, also 32GB of RAM, I know, it's a beast

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    make a super pc for retail 2500 price max, with dual or triple rtx 2080ti dual i7 or i9 latest, and curved exterior design hand lift friendly , cooling and best constant and stable performance desktop. and tell companies to make bigger oled and brighter monitors max 2000 price for retail. and release single flagship products, dont release seperate parts. this way you grow better

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    системный блок норм, но видео супер.

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