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Trudeau warns against 'internment camp' disinformation

The claim that the federal government is preparing to forcibly intern Canadians is patently false, said a spokesperson for Health Minister Patty Hajdu. A disinformation campaign claiming such has been circulating on social media for weeks.

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  1. Avatar

    Explain to the Canadian people why they are being built. Answer a question for once in your life. Nobody is going to willingly be locked up… so who's going to these Camps?? People that don't get a vaccine? Who???

  2. Avatar

    The anti lockdown protest in dundas square last Saturday had roughly 8,000 people in attendance, over 200 police present, which then proceeded with a march down Younge St, in which the road had to be closed off……NO MENTION ON CBC NEWS! somehow people still trust them….

  3. Avatar

    🤦🏽‍♀️ Jesus Christ, guys. These conspiracy theories are getting tiring.

  4. Avatar

    "This is Canada" … Yikes, don't say that to Japanese Canadians.

  5. Avatar

    DR tam, ,health specialist , scientist , the liberal government ,, the WHO,,, what did they say all along to stop, avoid the virus, think about it, lots to stop the China flu ? ,,, then tell the whole population of Canada get a covid vaccine means putting some covid in you ,?, so we do ???? , BRAIN FREEZE !!!, TALK ABOUT DISSINFORMATION, the media spews on a daily conditioning us for the vaccine,,,

  6. Avatar

    FEMA CAMPS!!!!!!!!! OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIBS WAN US IN TENT CITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Oh you mean like the one you tried to do to people by making them criminals who didn't qualify for CERB but recieved it anyway?! The Liberals are CRIMINALS!!! I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE STILL IN POWER!!!

  9. Avatar

    At least amerikkka is honest about their fema camps 😒

  10. Avatar
    A Google User anonymous

    Geez some kids watch Netflix too much …

  11. Avatar

    Canadian media bought and paid for by Justin and his liberals with our tax payers dollars. Totally disgusting! I hope my fellow Canadians will turf this corrupt government at the first chance

  12. Avatar

    And these politicans are being paid by canadian citizens.

  13. Avatar

    If it comes out of any politicians mouth it's a lie

  14. Avatar

    JT said you need to look for information from trusted sources. LMAO its on Canada's website. It says internment camps on the documemt. Thats right you said it yourself that the liberal government can't be trusted.

  15. Avatar

    Liberal Government:
    -“you don’t need to wear a mask if you’re not sick”
    -“we are only locking down for two weeks to flatten the curve”
    -“the WE scandal is nothing to investigate”
    -“ those internment we are building are not the evil internment camps you are imaging…

  16. Avatar

    Canadian government is the expert in that area globally.

  17. Avatar

    JT and his government tell us the TRUTH and only the TRUTH never misleads Canadians and the world whenever suits his agenda!

  18. Avatar

    so where are those cell phone bill cuts JT? you know your big campaign lie.

    maybe keep your word instead of enriching your family and friends and people will believe you more.

    as for this situation you need to deal with homeless and vagrants that could spread, by ironically giving them housing.but only while they are sick, it goes full circle.

  19. Avatar

    And yet "they are still Building them"👀

  20. Avatar

    I believed it the moment I read it, because it makes sense as to exactly how this whole thing could play out. You know, if my goal was to enslave those who don't agree with me, which seems to be where we are heading.

  21. Avatar

    "Everything the state says is a lie, and everything the state has, it has stolen"

  22. Avatar

    Canadians caught the American Sheep affect??? Wtf!!!!

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