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Trudeau promises more support for local public health units in COVID-19 hot spots

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised more support for local public health units in emerging COVID-19 hot spots in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

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  1. Avatar

    I feel bad for the people who still think this will all be over "in a few weeks". These measures will never go away and will only continue to get more and more restrictive.

  2. Avatar
    Speaker For The Dead

    Canada needs guaranteed basic income!

  3. Avatar

    Maybe if he didn't drastically cut healthcare in the first place..

  4. Avatar
    Speaker For The Dead

    LOL chat is completely empty, I guess they had to remove *every comment

  5. Avatar

    When are the seniors going to get money to help them through this
    They make only 1100.00 a month to survive now Way below poverty line , it is just discussing for are seniors to be treated this way

  6. Avatar

    In February China put out a large study showing asymptomatic transmission, our gov't ignored it for months. They also told us the virus is airborne, our gov't ignored this too. Today, finally CDC admits it can be airborne. When will Tam admit this? Our Federal gov't failed Canadians on covid truth.

  7. Avatar

    A famous quote “I stands enough, I can’t stands no mo”

    Popeye, with a dash of Phil Colins

    Get it pop eye

  8. Avatar

    Canada needs to ask Taiwan for help. How they doing such a GOOD JOB .

  9. Avatar

    Privacy? People must remember that our SIN was supposed to NEVER be used as an ID… You can't even get electricity without giving out your 'slave' SIN number, required by the govt… What makes you think your info won't be eventually available to the govt to use?? Govt doesn't have a good trustworthy record with the people.

  10. Avatar

    Covid deniers and anti-maskers need to seriously contact their mental health helpline. Your paranoia and belief in conspiracy theories have reached very unhealthy levels.

  11. Avatar

    The government tracking app lmao

  12. Avatar

    Why is there a second wave? Becasue it it airborne and only the countries that are dealing with it with zero tolernace will get rid of it.

  13. Avatar

    safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok resign and we will be safe

  14. Avatar

    How is this getting up voted? This criminal needs to be in jail. Do not download a government designed tracking app you morons.

  15. Avatar

    He looks well rested…must be the 8.6 million in renovations.

    Ever pay back your 215k of tax payers money on your Bahama trip?
    Or how about the $700,000 of tax payers money on the Davos trip…

    No of course not…he just as much as a freeloader as the next.

  16. Avatar

    There is no pandemic and you can take your app and masks and shove it

  17. Avatar

    what's Little Boy Lost babbling on about today ?? I'm sure he probably doesn't even know … Mr. Dil-Deau to the rescue

  18. Avatar

    how come every item in the grocery store went up $1.00 Justin ???? please talk about something RELEVANT

  19. Avatar

    As someone who works in public health, I'd like to think the government can support us by SERIOUSLY eliminating international travel.

  20. Avatar

    Do not download any tracking apps. You're just helping them to surveil and track you like an animal

  21. Avatar
    Joseph Henri Lucien Denys

    CBC:. Please, please, please
    USE CC for both French and English languages

  22. Avatar

    Don't download communistbullshitapp…

  23. Avatar

    CBC is an extension of a totalitarian new world order. They support the abolishment of freedom of speech, and are pushing a global agenda to retract your rights and freedoms that your ancestors died for. Only covering one side of the story that supports their agenda. And silencing anyone that wants to speak if they say anything that is counter to their agenda. Don't trade in your rights and freedoms for the promise of a struggle free life under the guise of compassion and concern for your individual well being. History is repeating itself just in a different mask. Wake up everyone.

  24. Avatar

    CBC posts a video about a non binary mechanic in Ontario. Who cares what that mechanic calls themself? Thats not a story. The CBC does not believe in freedom of speech. They are pushing tyranny under the guise of compassion and acceptance. We are going to fight your agenda CBC. You will pay for your hand in this global agenda to strip people of their civil liberties.

  25. Avatar

    Sounds like the 'Mark of the beast'.

  26. Avatar

    Paper, cloth, 6’ and an app keeps you safe from a “deadly” virus.

    Good gawd!!!

  27. Avatar

    Gitmo for the traitors

  28. Avatar

    can he also promise my income tax won't go up next year?

  29. Avatar

    The Syrian is a photo op

  30. Avatar
    Sebastian Banman

    resign get out or get voted out you claim you wanna help us well you havent so get out of office

  31. Avatar
    trggvfgvghghhjnhgbfgvghhjjjnhock Smith

    A-datza bullszhyt -mario

  32. Avatar

    I said stop and say to temp frick him

  33. Avatar

    Don't believe a word this man ,says, ,,I've got no respect for this man ,

  34. Avatar

    Whatever the Lieberals say… the opposite must be true.

  35. Avatar

    stick it up yer app

  36. Avatar

    a waste of money

  37. Avatar

    maybe they should DEFUND the medical system

  38. Avatar

    most docs r a-hole any ways

  39. Avatar

    Yes if I was a liberal, I would try and use the cop-out line “ this is not about putting blame on anyone”, that would be the only defense line that I could find to hide the truth. I lost my job because of you declaring an emergency, taking a COVID-19 layoff and you making it legal for my employer to restructure their so-called business when this should be illegal. Every person that were put on a “temporary layoff “ should be called back to work and it should be illegal for an employer to bring in new workers during this time and having them do my job. Oh, did you know that it is illegal for an employer to give someone a notice of a “temporary layoff “ ? If it’s illegal, why am I getting EI if it is illegal ?? Why am I still getting benefits paid by this company and collecting EI with no work and no pay check ? Why isn’t my employer being charged with fraud and being held accountable if this is illegal ? Answer the god damn questions on national tv please. Thank you

  40. Avatar
    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    First the tracking app then comes your microchip.

  41. Avatar

    So are they not extending cerb ?

  42. Avatar

    More money for agencies to restrict you and support government mandate? come on

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