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Trudeau government survives confidence vote, averts federal election | FULL

Canada’s Liberal minority government will continue to remain in power after the NDP, Greens and two independent MPs joined the party to vote against a Conservative motion to create a special anti-corruption committee, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau deemed a confidence vote. The defeat of the motion effectively averted a snap election this fall.

The motion would have given the committee broad powers to call witnesses, including the prime minister and other ministers, and to demand documents on a range of issues, including the speaking fees earned by Trudeau’s mother and brother over the past 12 years in relation to the WE Charity scandal.

The Liberals maintained the Conservative-proposed committee would amount to a time-consuming fishing expedition that would paralyze the government when it should be focused on helping Canadians through the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A separate amendment was made by the Conservatives to remove the word “anti-corruption” from the committee was also defeated.

The dispute in the House of Commons came after the Liberals filibustered opposition attempts to revive their investigations into the WE affair at the House of Commons finance and ethics committees, whose probes were shut down when Trudeau prorogued Parliament in August.

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  1. Avatar

    I guess none of the politicians want to take over this mess…

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    └📁Canadian Liberal Party

    └📁Positive thing they have done for Canadians

    └⚠This folder is empty

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    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Wow. I asked who to vote and just listed parties of BC which I can choose from. But they deleted my comment

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    Of course it went this way. Conservative leadership is not Conservative and has a long history of disappointing those who are. Their time governing is over and other parties like the PPC will use this as a jump point to further divide the right. If we will have Globalism, it may as well be radical lefty so that Canada can learn th3e consequences sooner than later.

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    All politicians are corrupt liars, and it doesn't honestly matter which party is in power.

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    Trudeau is not working for Canadians

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    there is nothing honorable about Justin Turdo

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    Where is 😷

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    all I see is a swamp that needs to be drained

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    And this is why i wish i was in the great USA. this country sucks

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    should be in jail not in the office and to mp that spoke about online hate the only hate is coming from left supporters the right supporters are being cecsored i get told ti kill myself daily by liberal supporters but i get banned for reporting those comments the left hate gets to stay but the right get the boot? let me know when the liberal privilege ends

  12. Avatar

    I would love to see how confident the average Canadian is with the government

    Torontonians need not apply

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    I'm offended. Give me money, land, university education before your own, and put my beliefs above yours.

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    Trudeau serves a pink turbin👩🏿‍🎤 the ndp serves a orange 🍊 turbin , I serve No turbin!!!!

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    Damn….that’s a true disappointment.

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    wheres theyre chin diapers?

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    What a joke of government

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    we allow traitors to rule us and use our tax dollars to create propaganda to lie to us repeatedly. time to go back to the days of hanging these traitors. that includes the entire liberal and ndp parties and every media outlet that sold out canadians by taking the liberal bribes to create nazi-like propaganda

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    This vote to strike it down shows how messed up the NDP and Liberals are

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    We dont need an election right now. WE need to heal from the pandemic. We need to stop spending money we dont have though. LEts have a plan for after all this. We cant give money for nothing. We need people to be responsible People need to be on their own. We cant save the whole world. Its time to look at cutting back. Stop giving money to big oil Stop subsidizing industries and companies that dont need the money. We need some sensible goverment. Start looking at some types of saving money before the world bank has to bail us out.

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    Well done mr. Trudeau

  22. Avatar

    Beat it ya bum!

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    New clowns on behalf of conservatives

  24. Avatar

    Surprised of people clapping

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    Omg it's a good thing I'm Canadian, cause Damn it's Time to Riot!! Liberals you Scumbags!

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    To be honest most people don't give a rat about whats happening in Ottawa and the political game in a Pademic…Canadians wants a gov to end poverty and homelessness and deal with the shortages of houses. Canadians are concerned about the virus this coming winter oh boy it's brutal if no cure is found. Ottawa should be talking more about working on finding the cure or even getting on guarantee universal income with proper health care and dental fully covered assurances…Canadians wants to hear how can Canada help Canadians first and now reduce the AID it gives but focused home…Poverty and homelessness is growing and many Canadians still work a one pay cheque to become poor if not paid they become homeless.. It's time the feds talk about how and we're can they get the money to help support a Guarantee Supplements universal Income and health care improved with support to housing to end poverty. Canadians wants answer mathematical and economically not this noise about elections. The world gov shut down the world economies and really put every one on debt pretty much…China should pay what Canada and the world countries has spend as a results of this China flu…

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    Viewer disclaimer: Angry Conservatives below 👇

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    Trudeau has done a excellent job through this pandemic. He is a terrific leader and he has my vote!

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    The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.

    It never should have been a confidence vote.
    The conservatives and Quebecois wanted a WE charity investigation because our glorious liberal leader shut down 3 investigations into his corruption. Jagmeet Singh has a chance to be a leader but instead he chose to lick our glorious liberal leader Justin Trudeau's boot. Our government is an embarrassment to the free world.

  31. Avatar

    Why you news anchors always make us viewers miss most of an important matter to our country, yet you keep flapping your yaps. I’m not happy that I wanted to see all of it including NDP. Please shut up for a change so we can listen to everything than listening to the rubbish we all ready know?

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    Singh you are a yellow belly coward or were you a crook who just came into a windfall of ill gotten tax paying little people's money…which is it…or is it both…

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    Well now i understand why Canada's new heir Hitler wants all guns out of regular honest peoples hands…

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    Why would the opposing party vote against truedeu? Everyone in the cabinet is living a wonderful life under Trudeau's reign. The Canadian system has been a socialist society for generations. Canadians don't have back bone to protest. When winter hits, no one will care.

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    Singh you screwed Canadians and now you are an accomplice to the wrongdoings of the Trudeau liberals. You do not care about the true Canadian sovereign country it once enjoyed. The most pathetic parliament in history.

  36. Avatar

    Threatening more uncertainty as a defense from answering questions that every Canadian has the right to know. Gangsters use these tactics.

  37. Avatar

    so the ndp joins the trudeau government

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    Where did the CIA get its Operating Manual from?
    How the CIA runs the Deep State.
    The CIA’s Worst-Kept Secret: Newly Declassified Files Confirm United States Collaboration with Nazis
    Pried loose by Congress, which passed the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act three years ago, a long-hidden trove of once-classified CIA documents confirms one of the worst-kept secrets of the cold war–the CIA's use of an extensive Nazi spy network. Now you know where the CIA got it’s operating manual from.
    Why does Global not mention the Biden Laptop from Hell, the FBI have now opened a Money Laundering Scheme by the Biden’s. Canadian Politics is just as Corrupt American Politics, Trudeau is Corrupt. After over 50 years of watching Propaganda as News, I have now confirmed it.

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    Toole will be worst opposition leader in Canadian history . canadians dont want election,they want food /money /help which liberal/ndp did and help the peopkle. Toole is against .he csaid Liberal will bankcrupt the country by giving help .he should go kick rocks . happy his parties motion in carbage bin. .other guy talking about dog ford well is primier of toronto .people like him but when comes to federal doug ford will be no class .this guy comparing apple and oranges .we are educated immigrants too

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    Congratulations for all of the conspiracy theories posted here. Holy lord. And I thought Canadians had common sense.

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    Most Canadians surveyed — 56% — agreed, “The WE charity scandal shows that Prime Minister Trudeau and his government are corrupt, and they deserve to be defeated in the next federal election.”

    But the poll also suggests the issue of political corruption alone won’t defeat Trudeau and the Liberals in that election.

    For one thing, 52% of Canadians surveyed still approve of the Trudeau government’s performance.

    While that’s down from more than 70% at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker said, “These are historically still very strong approval ratings, particularly for a second-term prime minister in a minority situation.”

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