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Trudeau defends decision to have WE Charity run student grant program

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said WE Charity is the only organization capable of administering more than $900 million in grants for students this summer. The federal Liberal government has been criticized for allocating such a large sum of money to a third party that has ties to Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire. 

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  1. Avatar

    Anything to hand out Canadian's cash to his buddies…

  2. Avatar

    This useless prick HAS to go!!!!! Now delete me!

  3. Avatar
    Victoria Alvarez

    Corruption with a smile, the liberal mantra

  4. Avatar

    Not at all bothered by this as long as it helps the students like it's intended. 3rd term coming keep up the salt cons lol.

  5. Avatar
    Ludmila Manweiler

    Your lies new normal.

  6. Avatar

    A leftist organization in charge of distributing billions of dollars in taxpayer money….what could possibly go wrong?

  7. Avatar

    Is this the charity run by his wife??? Sophia!!! Talk about conflict of interest if it is!!!

  8. Avatar

    Watch the money disappear. Conflict of interest and corruption at it's finest.

  9. Avatar


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    The least you could do is Canadians a reach around

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    Unsolicited Advice


  12. Avatar

    This is the international charity that pays his wife to speak on their behalf. Consider this "" little "" gift a downpayment on your divorce settlement , Sophie dearest .

  13. Avatar

    He makes me puck

  14. Avatar

    How is he not going to jail, " single source" contract…means he handed his Mother and wife,almost a billion of our hard earned dollars. Did any of us have a say in this boondoggle?. Many self employed,long time taxpayers, aren't getting a penny right now. This cannot stand. If the CBC are critical, you know it,s bad.

  15. Avatar

    Turn on the comments for the video about the couple with the guns. LMFAO.

  16. Avatar

    He’s a sh!tty actor.

  17. Avatar

    But I thought it was 'where theres smoke there IS fire".

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