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Trudeau defends choice to make Conservative committee motion a confidence vote

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his decision to designate as a confidence vote a Conservative motion pushing for the creation of a committee tasked with looking into “ethical problems” with government spending, including the WE Charity scandal.

“It will be up to parliamentarians, the opposition, to decide whether they want this minority government to work or whether they’ve lost confidence,” he said.

Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole has said while he has no confidence in the Liberal government, he does not want to send Canadians back to the polls amid the coronavirus second wave.

David Akin has details on the motion that threatens to shake up parliament.

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  1. Avatar

    The worst threat to Canada is Trudo. COVID will not be the end of Canada the damage they done will last decades all ready

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    Royal Canadian Moose

    Shouldn't this speak volumes that he will force an election in hopes of gaining more support to snuff it out. As in being actually guilty. Problem is they do have a Ace up their sleeve which is Covid relief packages being passed creating more and more people dependent on the government. Of course this will not have a positive outcome should it continue as it will be a death spiral. Sadly I do not have the confidence that Canadians would side w/ conservatives.

    However I myself must admit I only see Trudeau-lite in Mr. O'toole

  3. Avatar

    Wow, do the right thing!

  4. Avatar

    Even the parental father figure that raised him would be ashamed .does he know their no highchair at the UN

  5. Avatar

    How about we settle this, with a civil war. Nothing else seems to make sense.

  6. Avatar

    Yes let’s call an election. Then the broke ndp will be gone and Justin won’t have any support left in the house

  7. Avatar
    Truth and Freedom DoNotForGetIt

    Trudeau does not want all his corruption exposed before an election. He wants an election before his corruption is exposed. Conservatives want an investigation into all the missing money.

  8. Avatar
    Truth and Freedom DoNotForGetIt

    Trudeau is a pathalogical liar. Narcassitic lunatic. He will destroy Canada. He is laughing all the way to the bank. Billions gone from Canada … all in his off shore bank account.

  9. Avatar

    Erin O'toole is a liberal-lite.
    Vote PPC.
    We will use the constitution to build pipelines, the west will get back their jobs mostly in the oil industry which affects directly alot of small business.
    We will put a moratorium on immigration until we balance the budget and then we will reduce immigration from 300 000 to 150 000 but will increase skilled immigrants from 26% to 50% so the number stays the same at around 75 000.
    We will have a smaller government and focus on federal juridiction and we will not interfere in provincial juridiction.
    More focus on borders so less illegal immigrants.
    We will focus on Canada first, removing the country from UN organisations.

  10. Avatar

    NDP supports corruption Go figure

  11. Avatar
    ᴅʀᴀᴡ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪɴᴇ ᴀɢᴀɪɴꜱᴛ ᴏᴘᴘʀᴇꜱꜱɪᴏɴ

    There is no Conservative/Liberal dichotomy in Canada or any Western Nation any longer – they are ALL Globalist puppets, theatrical political chaos distracts people from the true agenda of Global Communism, (there are presently no openly fascist governments in modern existence) and political chaos simulates solution-making, which encourages us not to intervene or work together as citizens to form a solution that we would actually benefit from. They create conditions that make us feel vulnerable and helpless, then they insist that the only way to fix it is to give the government more power to 'protect' us, all the while removing freedoms. If this cycle continues for long enough in modern conditions, we will ultimately lose the ability to retake freedom, once and for all.

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    Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn

    NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (20 OCTOBER this 2020, Tuesday) 5 Minutes Reading – updated at 0635HRS IST

    World: 40,631,903cases: Death 1,122,742 (2.76%) Active 9,168,285 (23%) Recovery 30,340,907 (75%)

    India: 7,594,736cases, Death 115,236 (1.52%) Active 748,883 (10%) Recovery 6,630,617 (88%)

    IPL: Rajasthan Royals Bowlers, Buttler Smash Listless Chennai Super Kings just One Step Closer to Exit

    Larger-than-life Feline: 2,000-Year-Old Cat Etching Found at Nazca Lines World Heritage Site in Peru

    Chinese Soldier Captured in Ladakh's Demchok after 'Straying' into India, to be handed back to PLA later

    Govt Panel: 50% India's Population May Have Had Coronavirus by Next Feb; as of now 30% infected

    Nurse Audio Clip Narrating 'Medical Negligence' Leading to Covid Death Goes Viral; Kerala Orders Probe

    Israel to Start Human Trials of COVID Vaccine Candidate 'Brilife' (developed by Israel Institute of Biological Research) Towards Oct-end

    Delhi Health Minister: Lakhs Testing Covid Positive, why can't centre Admit on community transmission

    Oxford study: Hospitalised COVID-19 patients discharged can have breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety and depression for two to three months after their initial infection

    Doctors are now probing whether COVID-19 is causing diabetes, even with no history

    ABT Group's 'Mirakle' immunity drink being used in 5 Coimbatore hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients

    In Quad snub to China, Australia (1st time) joins India, US, Japan in Malabar Exercise 2020

    Chhattisgarh to revive depleting groundwater in forests, build 1089 drains; revival of 4,28,827 hectares

    J&K Police Mohammad Ashraf Bhat shot dead by militants in Anantnag while returning from Prayers

    TRP case: Bombay HC tells Mumbai Police to issue summons to Arnab Goswami before arraignment

    10 tunnels running up to 100 km are planned in Ladakh and Kashmir to facilitate smooth movement of military and civilian vehicles

    97 villages under water, 35,000 people evacuated as flood situation remains grim in North Karnataka

    Telangana Rains: Death Toll at 70, Govt on Alert with Fresh Spell Forecast, relocate 37K people

    Nokia To Build Moon's First 4G Cell Network For NASA Program; deployed on lunar lander in late 2022

    Airtel blames contentious privacy policy wording on clerical error; says committed to user privacy

    Asian Development Bank To Provide $346MN Loan For Power Supply Project In Rural Maharashtra

    Sensex Rallies 449 Points, Nifty Tops 11,850 Led by Heavy Buying in Banking and Financial Counters

    Banks slowly reviving bad loan sales to ARCs, Rs 20k cr put on block in H1

    We Have to Speak Out': Thai Students, Members of Pro-democracy Movement, Defy Protest Ban

    China's Economy Bounces Back after Covid-19 Slump, Posts 4.9% Growth Between July and September

    Trump: U.S. To Remove Sudan From State Terrorism Sponsors List After Payment To Victims

    China is closing in on the US as the most powerful country influencing the Asia-Pacific as America's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic tarnishes its reputation

    Chile protest anniversary turns violent as two churches torched, thousands gather in Santiago square

    Today’s Word – Umbel – Mass of flowers springing from a single center

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    parliament does not work the whole government needs to be rebooted needs way more oversight.

  14. Avatar

    jagmeat singh is ridiculous

  15. Avatar

    Canadian citizens should get to vote on confidence of government the elected officials are to far detached from the average Canadian that is why they do not care about homelessness and the people that live beneath the poverty line

  16. Avatar

    If they hold an election the Liberals will win. Trudeau does nothing unless he comes out of it on top.

  17. Avatar

    Could somebody tell these children we are having a pandemic and a recession?

  18. Avatar

    Let's have an election, Its time 4 conservatives to have a majority

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Trudeau is a dirty snake just like his father was. Maybe even worse.

  21. Avatar

    Evade taxes, Its no longer illegal to do so.. Government do steal from YOU..

  22. Avatar

    the NDP will vote with the liberals again

  23. Avatar

    1:50 corruption virus during the 2nd wave is the BIG PROBLEM right now other than Covid-19.

  24. Avatar

    No confidence in Trudeau gtfo

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