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Trudeau announces new business rent relief amid swelling COVID-19 caseload

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced government plans to introduce legislation for a new rent subsidy and a wage subsidy extension “in the near future.”

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  1. Avatar

    Enough is enough of this farce. Remove him from office.

  2. Avatar

    Why is the Prime Minister still on TV supporting business by trying to sell me a cell phone I neither need nor want nor (as a senior) afford? The last time I complained about his trying to sell me a cell phone and a monthly bill with his app I was snowed out by responses that did not address my question?

  3. Avatar

    Canadians are very lucky to even get something from the gov many countries in Africa no freaking gov gives no one monies..As matter of fact the dictators show them the middle finger…

  4. Avatar

    The app does nothing except test compliance. Do not download my fellow sheep.

  5. Avatar

    His like dislike-ratio is off the charts man!

  6. Avatar

    This poor excuse for a human being loves playin dictator and spews nothing but lies

  7. Avatar

    Thanks prime minister our election votes for you

  8. Avatar

    Where I have to complain? I didn’t get any benefit since April I just got only March After March keep applying no one helping me last week I called one of the agent she said it’s was Black some reason now it’s fixed we’ll pay you October 6 I didn’t receive anything I called again they said your bank account was wrong I gave the right account she said we’ll send you 3 business days today last day but I didn’t get anything I’m so sad I have kids I’m not working they’re playing to my problem..I really struggle financially with my kids were I have to go!!!??

  9. Avatar

    wait……i thought socialism is bad? and that business owners were messiahs that workers couldnt function without? what went wrong for business socialism to become vogue all the sudden?

  10. Avatar

    What about immigration to Canada , Does it have advantages?

  11. Avatar

    He sounds really tired. Get some rest Prime Minister❤️🥺

  12. Avatar

    CBC left the comments 🔛
    Why❔ I’m thinking they need a good laugh too 😅

  13. Avatar

    How are we to pay off all this spending? This reminds me of a young kid getting a new credit card to pay off the last one…..

  14. Avatar

    Pierre Poilievre called this out exactly 2 months ago, deliver the rent subsidy via CRA.

  15. Avatar

    Those who invest in Canada are fools, this country will be a third world in a few year, they went from one of the best to last in G20 countries. the country is run by fools who have no clue what they are doing

  16. Avatar

    And our children and grandchildren will pay for this. All because of this contrived hoaxdemic

  17. Avatar

    Oh look the tin foil hats are out!

  18. Avatar

    What about Regeneron covid treatment?

  19. Avatar

    Appears that the vaccine for covid is communism

  20. Avatar

    Why is this criminal still pretending to lead this country?

  21. Avatar

    good good;good;;;;

  22. Avatar

    More money printing.

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