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Trudeau acknowledges extreme impact of COVID-19 on Canada's travel industries | Special coverage

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he plans to keep working with airlines hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and acknowledged the significant impact the crisis has had on the industry, as Canada’s largest airline prepares to slash its workforce by at least half.

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  1. Avatar

    Amazon should buy Air Canada and use it for deliveries until people start flying again.

  2. Avatar

    Everyone wants to travel, and it is the wishes of the elites to create barriers between the population so we are not united against their agenda. They are hoping for a 3 year recovery to destroy the airlines they hate, and make travel less accessible.

  3. Avatar
    Migdalia Russell

    How long the Canadiense are going to allow this clown to hide. He is really looking like a real bum.

  4. Avatar
    Amanda Levesque

    Are you extending out cerb id give anything to go back to work but I can't being pregnant you never fixed anything for people who need mat leave ethier

  5. Avatar

    It is so disappointing that in the name of weapons of mass destruction and other conflict terms , countries like Iraq , Libya, Syria, afganistan & Iran are either invaded or put to sanctions while nobody seems to be asking any questions or put any kind of international pressure on China though this pandemic is no less than at least an improper use and reporting and a clear case of biological hazard warfare exposed by China. Thousands are still dying daily almost in every part of this world but it is so unfortunate that out of more than 200 countries there is not a single true world leader who can condemn China and truly put some extreme measures and sanctions on it. USA has greatly lost its world leader's position due to a man who wants to treat corona virus patients using disinfectant and with that a large void is created which no one is able to fill now. The next couple of years are going to be very very challenging and are possibly going to change the entire face of this planet. However, I still sometimes open my flightradar app and ask to myself "why the hell there are so many flights still going in and out of Beijing and other Chinese cities?" Why can't all countries together teach a lesson to an overpowering country by strengthening their ties with other countries. 5-10 countries in every region are sufficient to break this strategic war imposed on almost everyone in this world. If this was an innocent mistake let it know that there is no room for errors when it comes to the well being of more than 200+ countries of this world.

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    Summary: blaaaah blah bleh baaa booo blah

  8. Avatar

    Canada is bankrupt, this is headed to massive inflation and the Canadian dollar is going to be worthless

  9. Avatar

    the travel industry along with all world governments are responsible for this crisis. instead of listening to the warnings and reporting that was coming out of china(this pandemic has been in the news since last summer) the world decided to wait until cases were exploding in every country before doing anything. we arent even through this yet and the world is acting like everything is perfectly fine. we are just asking for more trouble

  10. Avatar

    here for the comments. Sound off.

  11. Avatar

    cbc = garbage in, garbage out.

  12. Avatar

    How many people use air Canada. I’ve flown 2-8 times a year for 15 years but not once on air Canada. I use buffalo, Detroit or Flint MI airports. If you are traveling within Canada, yes I could see it but way too $$$!

  13. Avatar

    How can you transition people from CERB to CEWS when most people'a jobs won't even be there anymore when the country reopens?

  14. Avatar

    Declare him insane and lock him up before he breaks the back of Canada.

  15. Avatar

    Roaring back….lol…not in the next 3 to 5 years….go back to school.

  16. Avatar

    When will he acknowledge all the hardships caused by him being Prime Minister?

  17. Avatar

    Open back up ! Before ther is nothing left to save!

  18. Avatar

    Ok but you made this more expensive than before because for this why are we in role that is expensive

  19. Avatar

    The government has no one to blame but itself. If they had closed the borders as soon as they knew there were issues overseas then it would have saved a lot of heartache and sickness. We will all suffer economically from the governments lack of action at the beginning.

  20. Avatar

    Why is the payment so higher changed

  21. Avatar

    Keep the economy closed and Canada will be a third world nation in a few more months. We never agreed to close the economy until a vaccine is created… the curve is flat… why keep provinces closed that have minimal Covid cases? Our hospitals are not overwhelmed and your spending sprees our going to indept us forever.

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