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Tropical Storm Zeta May Strengthen To Hurricane Before Striking Gulf Coast | NBC News NOW

Tropical storm Zeta is moving across the Gulf of Mexico after hitting the Yucatan Peninsula with strong wind and heavy rain. The Louisiana coast is in Zeta’s path, which would make it the third named storm to hit the area this season. NBC News’ Al Roker explains Zeta’s projected path and strength.
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Tropical Storm Zeta May Strengthen To Hurricane Before Striking Gulf Coast | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    I blame Trump.

  2. Avatar

    Al Roker is still alive? 😱

  3. Avatar

    BIDEN says if you elect him he will eliminate hurricanes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc. etc.

  4. Avatar

    From “There’s No Evidence” to blaming “Foreign Intelligence”.. the MSM just spent the last of their Credibility Capital..

  5. Avatar

    Lord , please cut these people a break.🙏

  6. Avatar

    Al, have you never seen a Hurricane before? You look stunned. You do look as if this is the first hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States.?? It won’t be the last pending Christ’s second coming.

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    Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.

    Hurricane Nakers 🤣🤣🤣

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    Vote For Trump2020!! The Red Wave Hits! #SilentMajority #BlacksforTrump #LatinosForTrump

  10. Avatar

    no worries, just GOD wanting to go bodysurfin with a few of his people……………………but with the blood of jebus and trumps leadership, it will be just fine………

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  12. Avatar

    Hurricane blah blah blah…does Al have fake clown glasses on?

  13. Avatar

    His glasses are not on his ears 🤣🤣

  14. Avatar

    Wow a Tropical Storm is headed to the Gulf Coast?!?!?!? This seems to happen in the same place EVERY YEAR for the past 200 Years! Thanks Fake News for stating the Obvious!

  15. Avatar

    Bring on the tropical storm Zeta. Hopefully this will bring and end to the pathetic presidential campaigns which are dividing the country. The sooner the elections are over the better. Just wish the tropical storm would pick Donald Trump and Joe Biden up and cast them far far away to a desert island somewhere.

  16. Avatar

    That storm be raysis, right Al?

  17. Avatar

    Roker…..fix your glasses…yuck🤓

  18. Avatar

    It may strengthen,hide in your homes we need the ratings and polls show death toll may equal that of obese Americans every year.

  19. Avatar

    Climate change

  20. Avatar

    There's no such thing as a "hurricane". This fiction was created by the #DeepState to take our guns.
    #MAGA #Trump2020

  21. Avatar

    Al Roker's Chucke Cheese glasses halfway up his head

  22. Avatar

    These people lie about EVERYTHING! 👿👿

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  24. Avatar
    AK Crazy Russian USA

    Nice glasses 🙂

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  26. Avatar

    Well shart my pants and call me AL, it's a hurricane?

  27. Avatar

    HAARP's like "eehhh lets top it off with a little Cat 1"

  28. Avatar

    Mainstream Media is betraying the trust of the American People. With each passing day, they are doing irreparable harm to what remains of their near non-existent credibility. While our media’s ethics and journalistic integrity has been in decline for some time, their decision to intentionally mislead the public about Joe Biden’s corruption during such a critical point takes their malfeasance to new level. The media’s casual dismissal of a mountain of evidence determined credible by their more conservative counterparts (Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox News, NewsMax, etc.) as simply Russian misinformation without any evidence is unforgivable..

  29. Avatar

    🌍🌏🔥Have you seen the criminal Biden + Obama family news on gnews.org ? Explosive 🎃🎃🎃

  30. Avatar

    Al, any word on whether or not Trump is going to bomb this hurricane?

  31. Avatar

    The weather updates they do are the only thing you can trust them to do right & honestly. That's sad.

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