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Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy – Siege | Official Trailer | Netflix

It is the final hours of the devastating civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons. Watch the never before told stories of the Autobots vs Decepticons unfold as Optimus Prime and Megatron lead their iconic comrades to fight for their future. This war ends now.
Premieres July 30 only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
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Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy – Siege | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Avatar

    At this point idk if I should worship megatron or prime nah u know what Deceptions will win the war

  2. Avatar

    Why they removed the other part of transformers prime

  3. Avatar

    Tell me Hot Rod is in this…he was only the coolest character on the show

  4. Avatar
    jonathan manning

    Got my hopes up that bumblebee might fall so we don't have to endure seeing him as the hero yet again and we can get back to original G1 Format. The Omega Supreme part gives me hope but praying there's some real combiners in this like Bruticus and Menasor and not just Devastator, they were the best part of the original show

  5. Avatar

    All Hail Megatron!

  6. Avatar

    I swear to Primus this show better be good.

  7. Avatar

    so glad they are using original design instead of the movie versions. Looking forward to this.

  8. Avatar
    Dutch van der linde

    I want this megatron to act, alot like his bayverse comic self basically he believes, he's the good guy which is ironic considering all the stuff that he does. "Is the future of our homeworld not worth a single life?… Desperate measures must be taken In time's of crisis prime every harsh action I take is to ensure our race survives" It would be an interesting take on the character instead of him, acting like an evil mastermind all the time.

  9. Avatar

    Was that Unicron? Or omega supreme?

  10. Avatar

    Damn the Autobots got kicked hard in this one, but it's about time Transformers goes down that dark path. No child friendly crap…

  11. Avatar

    It sucks that Peter Cullen doesnt voiced optimus

  12. Avatar

    Please tell me that I'm the only one that was shocked when I saw that it was an anime…

    Just me?Okay…

  13. Avatar


    I absolutely loved Fall of Cybertron. I can't wait for this.

  14. Avatar
    Samuels Toy Review

    war for cybertron comes out
    Cliff jumper: yup ok I’m outta here good bye

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar
    Justin Sylvestre

    Just heard the BEAST WARS is making a comeback to the Transformers the siege I'm a huge fan and I hope the bringg the original actors back from that series it was simply..Perfection

  17. Avatar

    I'm not even a fan of Transformers but I wanna watch this so bad.

  18. Avatar

    What if Netflix can resurrect animated season 4

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