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Tragedy as children and adults drown while trying to cross Channel – BBC News

An attempt by migrants to cross the Channel from France has ended in tragedy, with two adults and two children losing their lives when their boat sank off the French coast.

The boat capsized near Dunkirk and the French authorities mounted a major search and rescue operation. 15 people were rescued and taken to hospital. Those on board were from Iran.

More than 7,400 migrants have reached the UK in small boats this year, a ib increase on 2019.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Nick Beake in Dunkirk and home editor Mark Easton.

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    Let me say this…..It is sad that people are dying, but asylum seekers who are in fear of their life do not travel halfway around the world to claim asylum in the country of their choice, they are happy just to be out of a warzone. How about i travel to Canada and tell them i'm in fear of my life and want to live there…..I'd be put on the first plane back here. Also, calling them immigrants is wrong, we have a perfectly sound (on paper) immigration policy, as do all countries. They should use it or stay away! They put themselves, children and others at risk and unfortunately have only themselves to blame. One last thing…….7400 so far this year? You could probably triple or quadruple that figure with those who sneak in, Government figures are not worth the paper their written on!

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    French benefit system not as generous? I dont see why you will unsafe in France, its a pretty nice country.

  4. Avatar

    Stop trying to cross then, France needs to take some responsibility not like they can't look after them, instead they encourage them to try crossing and we don't want them!

  5. Avatar

    They are not coming from iran, they are coming from France, you know that safe place just across the channel and let’s get it right they are economic migrants coming for the free shit.

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    All these people just need to be sent back to the middl east an afkika already… 🙄Like cmon it's well overdue its time bye bye! That will stop all this nonsense… Upp the nationalists! Time to control them borders people you're kids can't do it for you

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    #Defundthebbc When will we rescue Christians who are targeted in Egypt etc,I guess they are the wrong religion

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    I'm reading the comments and it's utterly disgusting, don't you understand? Come on man! Do the thing.

  9. Avatar

    This is England

  10. Avatar

    The parents along others who arranged this should be placed placed on trial.
    I really hope our rescue workers are okay. No one needs to see such things.

  11. Avatar

    France must be pretty damn shit for people to risk their lives fleeing during peace time, they didn’t do this fleeing Nazi’s!

  12. Avatar

    Awww diddums. If I jumped in front of a train would I get a dramatised BBC eulogy?

  13. Avatar

    Oh what a shame

  14. Avatar

    Migrants not so much. Illegal economic migrants

  15. Avatar

    God Breathed, And They Were Scattered.
    Also, the BBC are a bunch of Noncey Bolshevist Diversity Shysters.

  16. Avatar
    Al Masih Ad Dajjal

    At least the French are keeping our fish stocks well fed.

  17. Avatar

    French and the victims are to blame

  18. Avatar
    danvers Spartacus

    What a load of bs

  19. Avatar

    Sad for the kids but it's really the parents fault

  20. Avatar

    All military aged men.

  21. Avatar

    Were they fleeing persecution from France?

  22. Avatar

    It's a tragedy that so little died, wish all of them would drown or get deported back to their shit hole

  23. Avatar

    I learnt swimming when I was 5 year old kid, swam for 30 years, 20 years everyday, became brown like a lobster, the sun and the horrible chlorine spoils your skin and hair, but as a life skill nothing can match upto being in water, it's healing, rejuvenating and you develop a spiritual connection with the medium. Every kid should learn to swim.

  24. Avatar

    Piss take ! Uk is destroyed

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    Scottx125 Productions

    At the end of the day, if you're a true asylum seeker it doesn't matter what country you're going to. As long as it's safe and close by that's all that matters. The issue here is these people are travelling all the way through Europe to France and then attempting to cross the channel to get to the UK. That say's they are economic migrants. I also have to question the sanity of the parents forcing their children to make this journey to potentially perish cutting their lives short. This isn't a lack of humanity from the UK's side, this is a lack of humanity from the parents of these children. A parents number one responsibility is to ensure the safety of their child. The right way to go about this would be going to the nearest non-war torn country. Finding a job and bringing your children up and trying to get them well educated so that they can be a contributing factor to the UK and THEN applying for a work visa and eventually citizenship legally.

    And no, the solution is not to make it easier to get through via legal means because that then defeats the purpose of limiting immigration to the UK. The solution is to make it near impossible for anyone to cross. If people are able to cross via illegal means then ofc they are going to keep trying. But when all avenues are closed and there is no way to actually make it across the channel. Then they will either stop OR try the legal method. The idea is to make the illegal method the harder path to traverse whilst keeping the legal path as it is without making it easier. What we need is drones to patrol the channel looking for suspect illegal migrants 24/7. Then have a series of bases along the south coast with teams also ready 24/7 to intercept any migrant boats and detain them for deportation.

  26. Avatar

    Quick question.. If they were already safe in France, then why risk putting their children at risk? I blame the leftist media squarely and to paid stooges like Claire Moseley for actively encouraging such things. Biggest blame goes to the British government who will treat them like royalty once they step foot into the UK. They will be immediately be given council housing , food , money, shelter , jobs … All this out of the hard earned , hard working british taxpayers money. Shame on you brits for electing such limp wristed politicians.

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    Poseidon protects.

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    more fake news?

  30. Avatar

    Because we are a soft touch x

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    The french don't crackdown on the smugglers or the ships, their navy just watches them sail out of the ports. ignore this garbage reporting, this is exclusively France's fault and no one elses!

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    Lol crack down, should of done this year's ago. Why does it the the death of children plastered all over the TV for the government to do anything

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    While the loss of lives is terrible, they should not be encouraged to come here in the first place, as usual, the BBC has got it wrong these people are not migrants they are illegals, if they want to come here go through the right channels.

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    Smiles all around

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    Boris be like "damm we needed those to add to the slave population"

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    Cloie lee Leyland

    I spoke to a immigrant and he told me in his own words he been all around Europe. And he said Germany charged him a fortune for his car recovered off the highway and he said he’s charged for hospital visits he couldn’t believe the uk and how lenient they are maybe this is the problem btw he’s working in a barber shop in the uk he feels like he’s won the lottery everyday

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    Obviously setup, you can't buy that many expensive boats and life jackets without leaving a trail, and were do they vanish to after they arrive eh, very convenient that uk had no one to do the picking jobs ECT next thing coming over on boats in swarms from a 1st world country were there safe. I don't buy it

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