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“Totally Under Control”: New documentary explores Trump administration's COVID-19 failure

As the situation in the United States spirals in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the country plunges headlong towards a critical election, it’s apt timing for a documentary-like “Totally Under Control,” that is a behind-the-scenes look at the Trump administration’s failure to handle COVID-19.

Shot in secret over the last five months, co-directors Alex Gibney, Suzanne Hillinger and Ophelia Harutyunyan interviewed scientists, medical professionals, volunteers and U.S. government officials — some who put their careers on the line to speak their minds — about the dire state of the country as it faces more than 210,000 deaths of its citizens and an infected president.

In an interview with Global News, Gibney, Hillinger and Harutyunyan talk about their documentary, one that looks at the Trump administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Avatar

    3000 dead = Invade Afghanistan and wrongfully Iraq
    215 000 dead = "It is what it is"

  2. Avatar
    Trình Nguyễn Đình

    Yawn. Stupid and loud people want MAGA.

  3. Avatar

    Nothing biased about this headline 🙄…I wonder how long before the dislikes outweigh the likes.

  4. Avatar

    This just in.

    Trump responsible for extinction of the dinosaurs.

    News at 11.

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    This just in.

    Trump, and not Mao, responsible for millions of deaths in China.

    News at 11.

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    This just in.

    Trump responsible for majority of drug addiction over last one hundred years.

    News at 11.

  7. Avatar

    This just.

    Trump looked at Playboy when he was 12.

    News at 11.

  8. Avatar

    This just in.

    Trump killed JFK, RFK and MLK.

    News at 11.

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    lord of purgatory

    Hey global!
    Stop reporting on American problems that Canadians don't give a f*** about.

    And start reporting on the fact that the finance committee is not getting the documents that they require in order to do their job.

    Start focussing on Canadian issues leave the Americans to burn they made their bed now they can lay in it, its not our problem.

    Why were you not reporting on the violent radicals that showed up in Red Deer.

    Seriously Global focus on Canadian issues,
    or we can start acting like the Americans and burn your building down first.

  10. Avatar

    Even with heavily padded numbers, the death count is nowhere near the two million deaths all the 'experts' claimed there would be at this time.

  11. Avatar

    Trump sold us out so he could like like a hero… He nor his sons ever served in any branch of the military… They were busy stealing…

  12. Avatar

    ? The individual states are responsible for responses to outbreaks, why not a documentary on how each state responded to the epidemic? What worked, what did not?

  13. Avatar

    All lies, propaganda and selective editing. AND WE KNOW For Nothing Is Concealed That Won't Be Revealed And Nothing Hidden That Won't Be Made Known And Brought To Light. – Luke 8:17. Evil is being eradicated and God is returning. Dem panic media blackout coming soon. They have it all.

  14. Avatar

    Global News is a failure.

  15. Avatar

    Clinton Cash is a good documentary.

  16. Avatar

    More Propaganda spewing to control you!

  17. Avatar

    Trump holding the aid package after the election holding the citizens hostage. It has always been about Trump, he could not care less if his people are starving. He's got a freezer full of Trump steaks.

  18. Avatar

    Trump still fighting in court not to divulge his taxes…. WONDER WHY

  19. Avatar

    trump is a fraud and a failure

  20. Avatar

    Reminds me of a low budget UFO documentary.

  21. Avatar
    Christopher Robin Garrish

    02:07 If you had any faith in the US Government under the Bushes, Obama et al you were uninformed and programmed to accept murderous global war for oil company profits. The only motivation of Americans is selfish profit and exploitation of others. From FDR to Trump.

  22. Avatar
    Christopher Robin Garrish

    04:00 Canadians are Educated: Americans are Inculcated. Canadians think for themselves and are not subject to a fascist policy state.

  23. Avatar

    Just report these videos as "spam or misleading". MSM shouldn't be able to get away with misleading titles or "news" 4.

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    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    The truth hahahah hahahah

  25. Avatar

    How Boring !!!! Is this video prepared by the Trump Campaign as a counter effect tool? Please respect the global viewer and be specific

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    MLB Great White North

    ‘Totally Under Control 2020’ has just released today (Oct.13) a must watch documentary at the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s undermining of how deadly COVID-19 is. It is an in-depth look to how the United States government put its citizens at risk which now has killed over 215 thousand citizens due to the incompetent handling and the inadequate response to the pandemic outbreak during the early months of the spreading of the virus with-in the US. 👍🙏

  27. Avatar

    Nobody believes this garbage, nice try globalist news

  28. Avatar

    Why don't you focus on your inability to tell the truth?

  29. Avatar

    I used to be into conspiracy theory videos back when I was a teen. Not so much anymore.

  30. Avatar

    The Globalist cabal will do everything to stay in power to misinform the world population.
    Canadians should ask why Global News believes it is so important that they bring an anti-Trump documentary on tv.
    Trump says it loud: No socialism and No communism !
    Global News will NOT tell Canadians that when Bill Gates left Microsoft and started his foundation it was all about population control. He invested 10 billion dollar in this Covid19 vaccination program and said in public: I will twentyfold my 10 billion investment in one decennium. Clearly it is all about money. He said also in public that he wants the whole world population to be vaccinated. These people are mentally ill, and should be locked up.
    Global News is a public owned network and is controlled by the New Communist Party of Canada: The Liberal Party.

  31. Avatar

    Where is the story about Hunter Biden's dirty hands?

  32. Avatar

    Defund ObamaFlix

  33. Avatar

    Where is the documentary exposing Canadian gov failure to control covid?

  34. Avatar

    Leftist BC Bonnie failed the same as the left accuses Trump. Every area gets a turn with covid19.

  35. Avatar

    Health Experts have recommended a new pandemic approach to one of
    “Focused Protection." It calls for lifting restrictions on the general
    population to develop herd immunity while implementing measures to
    protect the vulnerable. They say we need an approach that balances the
    risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, allow those who are at
    minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity
    to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those
    who are at highest risk.” Protect the at-risk community by tighter
    restrictions surrounding nursing homes and essential item deliveries to
    vulnerable people.“Current lock down policies are producing devastating
    effects on short and long-term public health … leading to greater excess
    mortality NOW & in years to come.”

  36. Avatar

    Question. I'm here doing research. The rest of you commenting with your conspiracy etc. Junk. Do you have anything. anything? Better to do? Walk a dog? Clean a toilet? Is this the life you imagined for yourself? Do you take no responsibility for what you are doing right this minute?

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    The 88 keys of a piano can be made into any song you wish.

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    yall called him racist when he shut the border down lol

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    LOVE watching you LOSER MASKIES get TRUMPED!!!

  40. Avatar

    Take off your mask people,stop washing your hands,stop social distancing,stop listening to all these stupid lock down measures that make zero logical sense and the pandemic will be over in a second.The pandemic exists because they have brainwashed people into believing it exists!

  41. Avatar

    New Jersey: the highest per capita rate of COVID deaths of any jurisdiction in the world.
    New York: the second-highest per capita rate of COVID deaths of any jurisdiction in the world.

    So, when can I expect the documentary on Governor Phil Murphy and Governor Andrew Cuomo and their disastrous handling of the outbreaks in their respective states?

  42. Avatar

    Oh be quiet Canada……….and I'm Canadian.

  43. Avatar

    Anyone notice all the fake accounts on here?

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