Tory leadership hustings: Truss says her public sector pay cut plans were 'misinterpreted'

by News Update

Liz Truss has insisted her public sector pay plans were “misinterpreted” but would no longer proceed after she abandoned a plan to bring in regional pay boards.

Ms Truss axed the policy less than 48 hours after announcing it, following warnings the move would lead to salary cuts for public sector workers.

Pressed on her ‘u-turn’ at a hustings event in Wales, Ms Truss said: “What happened was we announced a policy, it was misinterpreted by the media, it was never intended to apply to doctors, nurses and teachers. So I wanted to clear the matter up straight away.

“I have been very clear that we are now not going ahead with our policy. I will be very clear that that is not happening. There will be no Regional Pay Boards.”

Asked where the mooted £8.8billion in savings would now come from, Ms Truss says: “I’ve been very clear, this is not part of my central costings.”

Rishi Sunak, her leadership rival, said he was glad she had rowed back on the pledge.

It came as Sajid Javid endorsed Ms Truss in a boost for the Foreign Secretary.

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