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Top 20 Incredible Bridges You Have To See To Believe

Bridges are an important innovation in infrastructure and architecture, allowing us to traverse areas in relative safety. Here are 20 of the most incredible and amazing bridges you’ll ever see!
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  1. Avatar

    You forgot the 7 Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys.

  2. Avatar

    #3 "The most amazing thing about this bridge is the amount of weight it can take to sustain the transport of both commercial boats and pedestrians." That's a rather unkind thing to say about pedestrians 😂

  3. Avatar

    Moses split the red sea you idiot.

  4. Avatar

    The inaccuracies of the narration is a huge bummer. I’ve come to expect more from this channel.

  5. Avatar

    I can understand that some names of foreign bridges are hard to pronounce in their native language, but come on… These prenounciations are just sign of ignorance. Or maybe I am expecting just a bit too much…

  6. Avatar

    They started to build the Tower Bridge in 1886

  7. Avatar

    red sea parted not the nile –lol moses bridge, 3.36 into video

  8. Avatar

    You pronounced “Thames” wrong. It’s not pronounced as it’s spelt.
    Check here for its correct pronunciation,

  9. Avatar

    Is slaughtering the pronunciation of these places the latest fashion or simply a demonstration of how not to do it?

  10. Avatar

    Wow! The last one was incredible. Those others were just silly.

  11. Avatar

    i think that the most amazing bridge was the natural one made from the tree roots. Moses did not part the Nile river it was the Red Sea and a few other mistakes were present here so i wonder about the one i dint know about . Facts should be checked before posting or at least add an edit to explain the mistakes.

  12. Avatar

    I was enjoying this video until bridge #1. What a sellout!!!!

  13. Avatar

    Wow, you need to redo audio and correct all the errors

  14. Avatar

    Number one is a concrete bridge painted like Lego, Golden Gate Bridge, Bridges 100s of metres high and 1000s of metres long are overcome by a concrete bridge painted like Lego, Seriously?

  15. Avatar

    "Fact-filled" in your commentary does not necessarily imply truth!! Moses crossed the Red Sea, not the Nile River and the River Thames is not pronounced THA mes, but TIMS. Geography is not a strong suit of most Americans and few people try to find a correct pronunciation before they speak out. I am a teacher and encounter this all the time.
    People are jealous of how we pronounce the proper nouns in their localities and will correct any tourist, gently, but forcefully, as a matter of pride of place. We Americans do this all the time. Good visuals and compilation in the video.

  16. Avatar

    WHAT ABOUT THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE!?!?! its a stone construction that is still standing today. Or the Verrazano bridge?

  17. Avatar

    Gateshead UK Millennium bridge

  18. Avatar

    There is a letter T in the number 20. Please pronounce it.

  19. Avatar

    Øresund bridge is Danish…Why, the Danish made it!!

  20. Avatar

    When he said "1900s" my brain autocorrected to "19th century". Still, I was most bothered by the pronunciation of Thames.

  21. Avatar

    I think the Danyang-Kunshsan Bridge is more an elevated road than a bridge…

  22. Avatar

    You are fudging stupid dude. All the facts are wrong and how the fudge is that painted Lego bridge on first place. please delete this channel and do something creative and useful with your life. <3

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