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Tokyo 2020 organisers 'seriously worried' about impact of coronavirus on Olympics

Tokyo 2020 Olympic organisers fear that the coronavirus outbreak may begin to dampen enthusiasm for the Games as the 24 July date of the opening ceremonies approaches. The Tokyo 2020 chief executive officer Toshiro Muto said he was seriously worried that the spread of the virus could affect momentum in the buildup to the Olympics.

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Tokyo 2020 organisers fight false rumours Olympics cancelled ►

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    Tokyo 2020 organisers fight false rumours Olympics cancelled ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/01/tokyo-2020-organisers-fight-false-rumours-olympics-cancelled-over-coronavirus-crisis

  2. Avatar

    I would NOT want to be a gymnast that shares an apparatus. Nor would I want to run or cycle through the city. Even ball sports would be problematic. Swimming, water polo the list goes on. Give it another year.

  3. Avatar

    Well, it wasn't a pandemic until we had the Tokyo Summer Games and all the athletes went back to their home countries.

  4. Avatar

    I'm hoping the olympics will be cancelled

  5. Avatar

    The best course of action would be to reschedule the date until the coronavirus dies down.

  6. Avatar

    Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the whole world. Almost 39 million. That’s virus heaven.

  7. Avatar

    They should postpone for at least a year

  8. Avatar
    h1952m .Hiroshi Matsuzawa

    A quick decision should be made!!! Yes, we must cancel the 2020 Olympics.

  9. Avatar

    earthquake to top it off in 2020

  10. Avatar

    Just as Japan has detained people on cruise ships, it may confine visitors to the Olympic Stadium this time.

  11. Avatar

    If Olympics ate canceled there is only one thing to do. Does anyone know where I can buy a “Thanks CCP for ruining Olympics 2020” t-shirt?

  12. Avatar

    If they dont cancel, it's like inviting people from all over the world that could potentially have the virus and make it even worse for Japan. I'd say delay the games until the case have is resolved

  13. Avatar

    Corona V,
    food that glow in the dark,
    The rising sun flag…

    What else?

  14. Avatar

    Just cancel it, stop risking people’s health it’s not worth it

  15. Avatar

    Live to play another year
    you always got another time, but not another life

  16. Avatar

    just delay or moved it next year please don't canceled it

  17. Avatar

    Everyone who goes to the olympics finna be thrown in quarantine wtf is wrong wit people it’s like they want it to spread

  18. Avatar

    I am going to ask for extra lime on my coronavirus in Japan and some radiation on the side.

  19. Avatar
    chandler bing bong

    Anyone who thinks the olympics is going ahead is living in a dream world

  20. Avatar

    It would be coronavirus + radiation Olympics! Please stop the Coradiation Olympics!😱

  21. Avatar
    Natalie Mendelsohn

    Japan should not be ashamed to postpone the Olympics to a later date, they will not lose 'face' as a result of postponing it. Practically all big events in the entire world have already been cancelled like the Eurocup 2020 except for the Tokyo Olympics, Everyone will have understanding if the the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed to another date as the result of the Corona world crisis to later this year or maybe next year. I understand that it's a 'very' difficult decision to make, but under these circumstances that are beyond expectation it would be best to incorporate the safety first of Japan, it's citizens and the tourists from the rest of the world. Sayonara.

  22. Avatar

    Abe let his own people killed with virus so he can have Olympic. Abe administration refused to mass testing for his own people. True grandson of WW2 War Criminal!

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