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Toddler rescued by Aussie Rules player after running on to pitch during match

A two-year-old girl was rescued by a player after she ran on to the field during an association Aussie Rules match.

St Bernard’s Alex McLeod told foxfooty.com.au that the incident during their defeat to the Old Melburnians was ‘one of the strangest things’ he has ever seen in the game.

According to The Herald Sun, toddler Pippa Biggs’ father said: ‘I was standing next to her at the time and then all of a sudden she was gone … Before I knew it there was a little girl in a red jacket running around and I thought it was the footy.’

The Victoria Amateur Football Association (VAFA) released a statement saying that the little girl was ‘safe and sound … and looks forward to donning the Snowdogs women’s jumper in about 15 years’.
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  1. Avatar

    Nah, he thought she was the ball.

  2. Avatar

    What was the random push by the other guy at 0:31 for?

  3. Avatar

    Parents were proubly drunk

  4. Avatar

    Did he get penalized for INTENTIONALLY carrying the toddler across the boundary line? lol

  5. Avatar

    Australian football field? Oh. That toddler would have been fine! She just wanted to go help the other girls on the field.

  6. Avatar

    Well done that man…

  7. Avatar

    Oh wow this is my school ground

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