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To Gauge How the Economy Is Doing, Ask Purchasing Managers | WSJ

In 2018 and 2019 during the U.S.-China trade war, investors and policy makers embraced global manufacturing PMIs as a leading barometer of economic health. WSJ explains how purchasing managers can offer an early look at the direction of the economy.

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    The economy is doing well. My net worth is $1.

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    Trump is mainly concerned with the United States. But everything you are doing here is Global. Why is that? The United States is doing better than ever. Is this a liberal manipulation of the facts against trump? I don't believe you guys for minute. This is something writting like by the EU. Fake news!

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    I agree PMI's have been overlooked by the average investor…a way to get ahead of the curve?

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    Trump and his band of thugs are looting American public by making them to pay higher taxes while giving tax cuts to rich

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    Makes sense that one of the best ways to get a pulse on the economy is to ask the people controlling the pursestrings. Nice explanatory video.

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    The US is always gona be well off when 88% of the world trades in US dollars , thats a solid ground that cant be broken easily.

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    This isnt accurate because tarrifs etc can drastically change this , thats why its unrealistic, take of or add traffis and this goes up and down , so its manipulated too easily.

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    The prevalence of vocal fry is inversely proportion to the health of the economy. 😢

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    thoughs who track, know how to act 💪☻

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    1 Mar 2019 · One in five North American-based corporations on the CNBC Global CFO Council says Chinese companies have stolen their intellectual property within the last year.​ In all, 7 of the 23 companies surveyed say that Chinese firms have stolen from them over the past decade.

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    IPtheft = weaponized manufacturing to undermine western economy by divide and conquer

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    1:05 you guys couldn't move the mouse cursor to the side?

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    2:41 No manufacturing output was not "sliding"!!!!!! It was above 50…so it was growing but at a decreasing rate.
    That's like saying a change in inflation from 3 to 2 percent indicates a fall in prices.
    Come on WSJ please get someone to review your scripts.

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    but why would Purchasing Managers be inclined to give this information out? wouldn't it be confidential and couldn't they just lie to make their company look strong in the market? what's the incentive there….

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    Jio recharge plans are getting expensive 😂😂😂

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