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Titanic wreck set to be stripped of its treasures

The wreck of the RMS Titanic will be stripped of historic treasures for the first time during a planned salvage operation opposed by the British government.

A US company has unveiled plans to cut a hole in the wreck and retrieve precious artefacts including the Marconi wireless system described as “the most famous radio in the world”.

The firm, RMS Titanic Inc, has been the ship’s official salvor-in-possession for nearly thirty years and remains the only entity permitted to remove items from the wreck site.

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  1. Avatar

    If they dont bring up as many treasures as possible now it will all be lost forever. These items can go into the Titanic museums they already have established.

  2. Avatar

    I wish we’d get over this reck. The Titanic was nothing compared to the “Aquitainia” and “Laviathan”. Far more lavish and they didn’t sink.

  3. Avatar

    Better in a museum than at the bottom of the ocean.
    They should be filmed where they lie, then carefully and professionally salvaged.

  4. Avatar

    Titanic is protected by NOAA this would be a complete violation if this company or the Uk Government had to penetrate the wreck.

  5. Avatar

    Folks died in the Atlantic Ocean and we take thier stuff.
    Leave her be, and let the folks rest in peace.
    It's like ransacking someone grave after they passed away.
    I wouldn't want that for any family.
    How much for that used compass at Sotheby's?🤑
    But we won't stop there..
    Let's put their belongings on display too, and cry over a baby's shoe.
    I saw the display in Detroit back in 2003.
    I cried a ton.
    😔 😭
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  6. Avatar

    It's a good idea to get the artefacts imo. Better to be up here than down there to rot.

  7. Avatar

    Piss poor effort to block the time stamp in the middle

  8. Avatar

    This is a graveside and should not be disturbed. I do not understand why some say: better bring it up now before it is lost forever. It is not OURS to bring up. We know why the Titanic sank, we know how many people perished and we do not need those artefacts, they are not ours to take. It would be the same as robbing graves.

  9. Avatar

    Seems the profit mongers can’t respect or leave anything alone

  10. Avatar

    its not ripe enough to call archaeology

  11. Avatar

    I imagine there are a lot of treasures such as jewelry, gold, china, glassware, and other artifacts that would be tempting to loot. But make no mistake, RMS Titanic is a graveyard where people died. And looting this site is equivalent to exhuming a grave and robbing the contents from inside a coffin.

  12. Avatar

    This is rather messed up and if its posessions are going anywhere it better be back in British hands, not with some self entitled company.

  13. Avatar

    disgusting of course its a mass grave, and a violation, even the dead cannot get peace anymore.

  14. Avatar

    Surprised the metal is not completely corroded and collapsed…

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