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Tiger Woods receives highest civilian award form Donald Trump

US president Donald Trump has awarded golfer Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honour. Trump described Woods on Monday as a “true legend, an extraordinary athlete who has transformed golf and achieved new levels of dominance.”
Woods, 43, won his fifth Masters title last month, overcoming personal and professional adversity to once more claim the green jacket

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  1. Avatar

    Okay, but why?

  2. Avatar
    Hendrik Jan Derk Pasman

    I told him no say it loud amuse the crowd

  3. Avatar

    Love how Trump twisted the ribbon and then when Tiger's mom got a chance, she fixed it.

  4. Avatar
    Hendrik Jan Derk Pasman

    You are mentioned in the tape donald trump as the future us president
    It is reel to reel
    So it involves you And now is the time that it become acurate

  5. Avatar
    Hendrik Jan Derk Pasman

    And that was in 1995

  6. Avatar
    Christendom Defender

    THE MORE YOU KNOW ! 💥🔥😲🙆

  7. Avatar
    Lucas Overhill

    Poor guy

  8. Avatar
    Alibaba Blackthorn

    Gangster president trying to use Tiger wood to promote his golf plantations. Don’t fall for it Tiger

  9. Avatar

    PRESIDENT Donald Trump *

  10. Avatar

    Some incredible spelling in the title

  11. Avatar

    He didn’t even look at him the whole time lol speech

  12. Avatar
    Michael Tarren Scott

    I thought Trump was racist?
    I guess that was a big fat lie.

  13. Avatar
    Mestengo Hidalgo

    Hey look! tRump found himself a new African-American. He must be so proud to have one is his pocket again.

  14. Avatar

    for playing a game?!
    I was hoping Tiger 🐯 had the integrity of character to decline.

  15. Avatar

    Beautiful moment 👍

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    No golfer has received the adulation and support Tiger has and most of his supporters are white conservatives, to say America is systemically racist is a vile lie pushed by the ugly far left..

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    The Republicans would have impeached Obama if he would have done this

  18. Avatar
    Just Another Guy

    but…but…master told me trump bad

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