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Three-year-old loses whole family in missile attack on Azeri city

A mother and her 16-month-old daughter have been buried in the same grave after a missile attack on the Azerbaijani city of Ganja that killed at least 13 civilians, as fighting intensifies over the disputed of Nagorno-Karabakh region.
A new humanitarian ceasefire has come into effect between Armenia and Azerbaijan, brokered by France, Russia and the US.
It comes a week after a failed Russia-brokered ceasefire, and Azerbaijan has already indicated that it will continue its offensive.

Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdel-Hamid reports from Baku, Azerbaijan.

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    watch from Bangladesh.tnx for this news

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    May allah help turkey

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    Where we are going

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    Yaa Allah (swt), help Azerbaijan.

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    The Rise of World War III


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    Amazing & Beautiful Things

    War shd be stopped ✋ 😔😔😔😔

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    Good job Armenia 👌👍

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    Armenians playing victims and their social media defenders will deny this.

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    Terorist armenia

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    Demotivated lnsaan

    If everyone wants an eye for an eye then whole world will become blind

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    This is fake news. The damage was caused by Israeli built drones and made to look like Armenia did it. This was a CIA staged event designed to foment hate in Iran's Azeri community for Armenians. Israel has always wanted to get a foothold in Iran's backyard. There are no independent, vetted and imbedded reporters in Azerbaijan. The government will not allow it. Iran knows too well that the CIA's staged coups in order to trample down fledgling democracies is not out of the ordinary. Just ask them about the Shah and who put him there.

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    Why attack on Ganja?

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    Cowards can only target civilians. The true fight is in the battlefield. It is really to kill innocent people.

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    God bless armenia.

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    We stand with Azerbaijan…

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    0:18 the problem of Emina is that she believes in the state, god and the president, a recipe for disaster for these type of conflicts.

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    00:48 Rich folk walking around Baku having a good time…

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    Stop killing kids….

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    Zionist embassies in Ajerbaijan and Turkey, ignorant traitors.

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    Nagorno Karabakh is not disputed territory. İt is officially and internationally recognised as a part of Azerbaijan.

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    So far RUSSIA solved nothing. Time for international community to go in and bring peace.

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    Azerbaijan deserve this and more. They aling with turkey have wiped off 1.5 million armenias. These countries are the worst they are bullies.

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    you fool, do yuo think 30 years old problem be solve with war. it need to resolve it by Discussion. not by war

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    For three weeks now, Azerbaijan has been violently shelling the cities and villages of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), including its capital Stepanakert, deliberately targeting civilian population and civilian infrastructures, killing dozens of peaceful citizens and forcing them to leave their homeland. In addition to this, Azerbaijan has already targeted and inflicted casualties on the civilian population and infrastructures in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The current large-scale aggression was preceded by Azerbaijani provocative disinformation and smearing campaigns, just like the most recent one, the so-called “Armenian strikes on Ganja.”

  26. Avatar

    For decades, Azerbaijan has been infusing its population with hatred and Armenophobia, the gravest expression of which can be found in the footages of humiliating, torturing and subsequent brutal killings of Artsakhi prisoners of war, proudly showcased in Azerbaijani social media.

    While disseminating unfounded allegations, Azerbaijan continues to refuse to maintain ceasefires mediated by the leaders of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairing countries and categorically rejects any possibility of ceasefire verification mechanisms in order to continue the war.

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    The European Union has, to date, failed to clearly and explicitly react to these ultimate manifestations of war crimes committed by Azerbaijan with direct involvement of Turkey including through transfer of foreign terrorist fighters from Syria and Libya, and disregarded the existential threat and grave violations of the right to life of Artsakhi people, as well as the severe humanitarian crisis evolving in Artsakh.

    Armenia deplores this one-sided, biased and selective statement, which gives Azerbaijan “clearance” to continue breaching with impunity the international law, including the international humanitarian law and international customary law.

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    Why does people intentionally inflict pains on people. Is it something to be joyful about? Y letting people suffer the loose of their loved once over a piece of land that will still remain after your death…… lets save humanity and make peace

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