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Thousands slip through test and trace net

Almost half of the nearly 16,000 people with coronavirus missed by the ‘Test and Trace’ system still have not had their contacts traced, the Health Secretary has admitted.

An ‘IT failure’ within Public Health England – a problem with an Excel spreadsheet reaching its maximum size – has been blamed by ministers for a delay in the reporting of 15,841 COVID-19 cases in England.

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  1. Avatar

    Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life." – President Donald J Trump

  2. Avatar

    who are these people?

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    Note the nuance of the headline. Thousands of criminaly-minded virus-dodgers have got away with it.

  5. Avatar

    Rules for one not the others

  6. Avatar
    Worldwide Ghosts

    The test is bullshit! Covid is a massive scam!

  7. Avatar
    Challenge to get 13,900 subs with no vids

    COVID-19 = Fake pandemic, fake tests. They want full controll and millions of people are in danger because of curfews, quarantines and restrictions. Crimes against humanity.

  8. Avatar
    Challenge to get 13,900 subs with no vids

    "Dont let anyone get away!" – Prison Colony administrator Boris

  9. Avatar

    Is it just me that dislikes videos like this straight away in the first 5 sec?

  10. Avatar
    George Matthew Gemmell

    Brilliant! The UK's world beating system uses Spreadsheet. There are a wealthy of talented developers and coders out there but the government's system is either built on Spreadsheets and or stopped in its tracks because someone didn't realise the limits of a spreadsheet. Either way it's wholly incompetent and had put lives at risk.

  11. Avatar

    so thoiusands of peopel infected but going abotu their busines as normal. What is the problem? if they are not ill why lcok them up? why not send an educaitonal message to protect the elderly and the vulnerables? BTW, NHS was never ever busy.

  12. Avatar

    Way to lose the country(again). Arse hats.

  13. Avatar

    Playing with stupid, boring electric cars on gimmicky tariffs only designed for corporate profit and future tax grabs while they can't keep a list of people in order.

  14. Avatar

    Need to start protesting outside mp's houses. Lock them down!!!!

  15. Avatar

    Why aren't they all wearing masks? I guess it's only us mignons that need to cover up eh?

  16. Avatar

    Can't find the app store on my nokia 3310, does it work with infrared?

  17. Avatar

    IVE HAD OTHER SYMPTOMS , LIKE FATIGUE FOR FIVEVWEEKS NOW , IN BED , WEAK, HEAVY HEAD, UNABLE TO CONCENTRATE. At first I tried to get a test and the website kept throwing an error message the phone lines wouldn't answer. – 2 weeks of these two issues. then I spoke to my doctor again WAS DENIED A TEST JUST CAUSE I WASNT COUGHING AND NO TEMPERATURE, BUT SOME THINK IT MAY STILL HAVE BEEN COVID. Im still unable to exercise. And in bed day after day

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    Pistol wip Danger


  19. Avatar

    Can some one please name the last politician who was reliable? Anyone!

  20. Avatar

    Boris is such a turd

  21. Avatar

    And some people still support the Tories …

  22. Avatar

    Media and gavroment is fuckin convid19 ashole

  23. Avatar

    Wdf full off shet

  24. Avatar

    The bring out your dead guys are now unemployed

  25. Avatar

    U told people to stay home and not report it , u couldn’t even go doctors in the lockdown so why does it matter what the number are 😂😂😂🤣 fake news , distraction

  26. Avatar

    I hope they all get slaughtered.

  27. Avatar

    It doesn’t really matter they will make up the figures anyway

  28. Avatar

    Sky news always get fucked up dislikes lol

  29. Avatar

    How can we trust in these people when they admit mistake after mistake weeks, and months after it's happened? Cases mean nothing now. Thousands could be hundreds positive, its down to their own fault in data.

  30. Avatar

    “Tens of thousands who have been going about their lives as normal” … how absolutely appalling!

  31. Avatar
    haters burn lover carry on

    I was just shocked te see just how many people got contacted while they were living their lives oh my my

  32. Avatar

    It's over.. MSM and the establishment is dead! Biggest frauds in human history.. I'll never download the app or have a test. Now Trump is out of hospital.. there plandemic is over! Get over it!

  33. Avatar

    Giant data set –> uses Excel spreadsheet –> it' goes wrong –> imagine my shock !
    It's like transfering the Police National Computer into frigging notepad.

  34. Avatar

    Everyone loves the torys, lets forgive them………….dont they?!!!!! …..spare bedroom tax was great

  35. Avatar

    Truncate parliament

  36. Avatar

    Only for today they said 10000 infected .Soon number of infected will be bigger than number of ppl living in UK.

  37. Avatar

    COVID is a hoax. It's not about a "flu" ..it's about CONTROL.

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