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Thousands gather in Paris in memory of murdered teacher Samuel Paty

Thousands of people gathered at the Place de la République in Paris to pay tribute to the teacher Samuel Paty, who was murdered in a violent attack on Friday. The history teacher was killed after he showed a caricature of the the prophet Muhammad to his pupils. The attacker was shot dead by police shortly afterwards.
‘I am here to support teachers, to support the values of this country, because I think that what happened was extremely serious and all citizens must stand up and stand in unity’ said one of the demonstrators.

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    Rayvanny Official Bongo Music

    Show respect and you will be safe. Otherwise he deserves it

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    Ajax Ontario Canada

    There's BAD APPLES in every group POLICE & Evangelicals have killed unarmed humans in the last 40 years then any other Nut Job Extremists/Organized Religion Group.

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    I'm so sorry this happened.

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    Should have voted for Marine Le Pen

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    There is NO right to anyone for manslaughter

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    Sing a song and light a candle will make you feel better if not do something about it

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    "tolerance and open borders"

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    Oh they are great it won't be their daughter there son
    There all on state money we know
    Come the glorious day

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    Ils vont encore demander une augmentation du budget de l'Educ'Nat: c'est sans fin.

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    And than there was no virus covid19

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    This is what happens when you allow for mass movement of backward cultures into Europe.

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    nothing on the bbc

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    France should learn from Poland.

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    So wheres the outrage from the left? Wheres the protests?

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    Native Frenchmen. Fight for your country and for your people! Look at what has happened to England! Its not even England anymore.

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    Lol hey France how is that Diversity ??? Got cake?

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    They say: our religion is peaceful!

    Fact: yes but all the attackers ,killers from your end??

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    Samuel paty🇬🇧🇬🇧❤❤

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    Samuel our brother 🇬🇧🇬🇧❤❤

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    Dust off Madame Chop.

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    well at least he lerned that teacher a leson

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    I stopped listening when he said teachers are the most important profession

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    Speak up against the contradictions with our culture. Treatment of women, slavery, apostasy, rule of law….
    If you won't speak now, then this will …….

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    bizarre bit of 'translation' about an honourable way, he never said that…

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    Guardian readers are lighting a candle for the poor misunderstood suspect killed by the racist Police.
    The left created the problem so don't cry your crocodile tears again.

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    More white supremisist violence was it Guardian? ??????????

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    How many times have candles been Lit and flowers Laid ? Time for a different approach from Governments

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    If they dont start respecting our values soon, they will soon realize at our most barbaric we are much worst than they are….

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    Umm.. I’ll just put this here:

    In 376, unmanageable numbers of Goths and other non-Roman people, fleeing from the Huns, entered the Empire. In 395, after winning two destructive civil wars, Theodosius I died, leaving a collapsing field army and the Empire, still plagued by Goths, divided between the warring ministers of his two incapable sons. Further barbarian groups crossed the Rhine and other frontiers and, like the Goths, were not exterminated, expelled or subjugated. The armed forces of the Western Empire became few and ineffective, and despite brief recoveries under able leaders, central rule was never effectively consolidated.

    By 476, the position of Western Roman Emperor wielded negligible military, political, or financial power, and had no effective control over the scattered Western domains that could still be described as Roman. Barbarian kingdoms had established their own power in much of the area of the Western Empire. In 476, Odoacer deposed the last emperor in Italy, and the Western Senate sent the imperial insignia to the Eastern Emperor.

    BTW, the governments aren’t ignorant of history or anthropology. They know what they are doing.

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    Comments are definitely getting turned off soon.

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    Our prayers go out to you all. USA

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    Europe is doomed. Been is decline for a decade now.

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    So, what your saying is, its okay to draw, joke, disrespect, harrass, vilify, discriminate against the religious beliefs of a billion plus human beings. Your joking, right?

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    BTS paved the way The Fact

    RIP Samuel Paty

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    Everywhere in the world there is a community that causes of terror … d**n it ..

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    How many "Je suis" moments do you need?

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    I visited London, I thought I was in Dubai. Europe need to get their countries back!

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    "Thoughts and prayers.. thoughts and prayers.."

    Same mantra time and time again.

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    Respect all religion's hurting other sentiments and calling it secularism is shamefully cowardic act

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    1:40 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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