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This week's impeachment news in three minutes – BBC News

There were a dizzying amount of testimonies this week in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The BBC’s Anthony Zurcher helps us digest this week’s hearings.

Video by Chloe Kim and Bella McShane

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  1. Avatar

    The real question asks if there are enough Americans left who care about their Republic and democracy. The answer should be self evident….but isn’t.

  2. Avatar

    This cock is reading social media, then confusing the lies and rumor with truth and reality.
    The fact is. There's less to worry about a rich man who becomes a politician than there is to worry about a politician who becomes a rich man. Biden and Obama???

  3. Avatar

    Zzzzzzzzz, three minutes of Anti Trump BBC is propaganda. Let me break it down for you:

    12 witnesses in 2 weeks of an inquiry, who never were in the room of the call, heard from each other "something happened". Literally, they were listening to each other. Then in the inquiry, they used heresay, their beliefs of what happened, their opinion of what happened.

    No facts at all. just a huge game of telephone.

  4. Avatar

    People do not their license fee to sort americas political problems ,i guess things arent going tteir way on the general election beeb get your act together

  5. Avatar

    The liberal media are insane TRUMP2020.🤓

  6. Avatar

    Sondland di NOT testify to a quid pro quo. He testified it was HIS IMPRESION. And this is news from BBC? What are you? frikkin tards that didnt even listen to the testimonies? I happen to be a Swedish socialdemocrat but I havnt lost my entire mind cus Trump wonn an election. Your missreporting is a shame.

  7. Avatar

    Voting no further than libertarian. The rest will be conservative this year. People are delusional

  8. Avatar

    Is that an other fireworks display to distract public opinion?
    May be something more important is cooking in the oven and no one is paying attention.
    USA, Eu, Ukraine and Russia have a fossil fuel arrangement agreement, some one most surely is not respecting the deal, let them negotiate an arrangement. What is fishy about this ?

  9. Avatar

    What are we trying to find out? We either fire this guy or move on and let him do what ever he is doing. Right now what’s happening is he does all these dodgy things on camera. We give him a metaphorical hand slap and move on. Does the same thing again in public view. Hand slap and move on.

  10. Avatar

    Just came here to laugh at all the people that still believe this crap 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Ive watched the whole thing from the start and this is a very poorly sculpted narrative that they are trying to present… Shame on you bbc

  11. Avatar

    Now impeach Bush & Blair <<< FREE ASSANGE

  12. Avatar

    Welcome to the Schitt show, getting ready for William Bar to release the report into fisa abuse by the Democrats.

  13. Avatar

    Hurry up and HIDE SCHIFF! The FBI official is JIM BAKER and he is just the first leaked name MOST people are going on vacation soon and again in December and the BOMBSHELL REPORT drops right after So this “ staged Schiff “performance “ is in the way My guess is that several individuals will Try and FLEE! Russia offered Asylum So let’s call it the “ Grumpy Old men makes a Thanksgiving Run for Russia” Holiday story

  14. Avatar

    So this Dr Hill chap starts off by slagging her country of birth by stating that she was poor, and that she was going nowhere fast in the UK (in the 80s/90s) because of her working class accent?!*

  15. Avatar

    BBC is lying again! Watch the cross examination! FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE!

  16. Avatar

    Let the impeachment go to senate, where Schitt for brains will be called to testify along with the faux whistle blower, this will blow up in the democrats faces.
    TRUMP 2020. 🇬🇧🇺🇲👍🏼

  17. Avatar

    Sounds like an ordinary kindergarten class

  18. Avatar

    The Rats are Eating Your Meat – They Started Down at Your Feet

    They Live in Your House – They Sleep in Your Bed

    And Soon They'll Take Over Your Head.

    Vote – Bernie (c)1968 age 14 – MFG Vote – Bernie

  19. Avatar

    Screw the BiasedBrainwashingCorp. Dont like Trump, but all the time spent reporting this nothing burger accusation, when Obama got a free pass despite his criminality.

  20. Avatar

    This sheitt show is over, if it does go to the senate they will call on Adam Schitt for brains and the whistleblower to testify, see how that turns out for the Democrats.
    TRUMP 2020. 🇬🇧🇺🇲👍🏼

  21. Avatar

    Mic was distorting. Back off the gain, compress it a bit, then turn it up to an acceptable level

  22. Avatar

    "No Quid Pro Quo."
    "No linkage."
    "No bribery."
    "No extortion."
    TRUMP 2020. 🇬🇧🇺🇲👍🏼

  23. Avatar

    Why was this so terribly written, shot and produced when it was covering an interesting and arguably important topic
    Edit: add presented to that list

  24. Avatar

    I'm voting for Trump on 2020 if possible 2024 the men have took this country to the highest level never been More job's than any of the past 20 years. Certainly I'm not taking about food stamps addict.

  25. Avatar

    Trump is JUGGERNAUT you just cant stop him LOL fake news tried its best

  26. Avatar

    Doesn't the BBC have Brexit to worry about? This hoax is a waste of precious time.

  27. Avatar

    Trump is a genius and is being methodical, setting up indictments on the evil slime in government. Why do you think all the slime is constantly trying to find any Tiny thing on him? They are very very desperate and know they might be rounded up for their evils at any moment. When the crimes against humanity of these snakes in high places get revealed, people will be so disgusted and horrified that they will probably not ever let their kids out of the house, itll be that shocking!

  28. Avatar

    This is a terrible amateur and tacky report. The important facts are lost in all the waffle. Just looks like some two bit amateur video created by a kid for entertainment and drama value. Has no bearing on the reality of the situation. And a so called expert explaining the facts? Seriously?! BBC receives Billions each year for BBC tv license fees imposed on people of Britain via a antiquated charter put in place by the British government. It’s an absolute disgrace and shames Britain and patronises the people of Britain. Biased news and the antiquated BBC tv license laws affect people’s freedom of choice. So wrong on so many levels.

  29. Avatar

    We have a term for this kind of reporting. FAKE NEWS. You really bent things to get a negative result of Trump. You left out that every witness said what Trump said and did was not illegal. You left out that every witness with first hand knowledge said they were assuming and presuming and that everyone else had hearsay evidence. Plenty of polls show the people aren’t buying this farce and you left that out too.
    You can smell your bias. Ugh.

  30. Avatar

    More BBC PROPAGANDA against Trump, The Dirty lying arse low life globalist EU GUARDIAN LOVING BBC make me want to VOMIT

  31. Avatar

    BBC bias coverage of a horrific one sided democrat circus. I don't even like trump but I can see this is rediculous. Its an absolute rigged shambles like the Russian Steel dossier but the BBC are still peddling this utter nonsense. You cannot decide to impeach a President and the spend the next 4 years looking for a crime. Please do some research guys, do not be spoon fed by the BBC.

  32. Avatar

    Let's take a vote. Who wants to return to recession, inflation, unemployment and foreclosure? Say aye. Ayes have it. Vote Democrat and impeach.

  33. Avatar

    To long don't watch (TL;DW): there's no information relevant for impeachment

  34. Avatar

    The GOP in the american senate will stand behind their power and we will see America officially become an authoritarian country.

  35. Avatar

    youtube 'mark dice' for the best sum up as the bbc has chopped the clips to fit the narrative here as usual.

  36. Avatar

    Was a decision made to make the presentation look as if it was aimed at 7 year olds? Stop dumbing down you are insulting your viewers

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