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'This virus is on the offensive': Hancock delivers statement on coronavirus

In a statement to the Commons, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, warned that coronavirus is ‘on the offensive’, saying that deaths have doubled over the last 12 days. 
Hancock also said that Lancashire would be moved into tier 3 – the very high coronavirus alert level. 
‘Infection rates in Lancashire are among the highest rates in the country and are continuing to rise rapidly,’ the health secretary said. ‘Both the number of cases and number of hospital admissions are doubling almost every fortnight.’

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    Ohhh We may live with the Corona virus.🙏

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    'Perilous'. Here we go with Project Fear. What about all the cancer patients whose condition is also such, who can't get seen?

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    Corona is on offensive while hancock is on retreat !

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    A Glass of Freshly Squeezed Ass Juice

    Britain should do a referendum for Covidexit.

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    "If you repeat a lie again and again the masses will accept it as truth" Hanckok

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    Yeah full of it.

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    Trump 2020 stop living in fear!

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    Something is offensive, and it ain’t the glorified flu.

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    About halfway through it started buffering, I discovered how much I prefer silence to Matt Hancock.

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    This “virus” is truly very smart. It can also go on the offensive and the defensive. So smart.

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    Are you following the restrictions mr Hancock I bet you are

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    Show us the figures as there’s no way we can take your word for it. What the likes of Brighton? What’s the figures for there?

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    Don’t worry once the numbers drop slightly they will bring back eat out to help out again 🤑👍🏻 this government is truly truly terrible I won’t be voting cons again.

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    lol How long they can lie! I am gonna die laughing rather than Covid! and how long people gonna digest this kind of lie

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    Well, let´s face it. Kiddo is trying to push the lie the best he can… to be honest, he can´t even be henious or scary. Just look like a desperate todler trying to convince his mom he saw a monster under his bed. Can someone, please, give him a cookie?

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    Britain's most hated 'man'.

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    It cannot be on the offensive as it cannot think. I find this news and the government offensive.

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    The Government is on the offensive against the people – they are the enemy of our health, our wealth and our freedoms!

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    He's not even paying attention to what he's reading, it's just "blah blah blah" in his head

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    Don't worryl most of us well die of hunger before covid cause no one has any money

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    Hancock is offensive.

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    Hey Hancock, we don't believe in your project fear any more , so please go away

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